An Advent Guided Reflection on Emmanuel – God with Us

Here is the Guided Reflection I wrote for yesterday’s session. It is a meditation on the name Emmanuel – God with us – and invites the children to focus on where in their lives they most need God to be with them.   Take a moment to get comfortable. Imagine that whatever you’re sitting on…the floor, a chair, a desk…is the hand of God. You’re in a very safe place. Take a few deep breaths. […]

11 Tips for Lesson Planning

Planning and preparation are key to the success of any catechist. Here are 11 tips to help you with your lesson planning: Long-Range Planning—The lesson you are planning is only part of a larger plan for the whole year. Make sure you get a picture of the whole calendar year and see how much time you have to carry out what you hope to accomplish. Get a good “feel” for how this lesson can build […]

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