Holy Week Speaks to Children

March 30, 2012 Joe Paprocki 0

As we enter this holiest of weeks, I thought I’d share an article with you that came to my attention that does a very nice job of explaining why children (of all ages) are especially receptive to the images, events, and themes of Holy Week. The article is called Holy Week is for Children and it is written by Peter Rehwaldt who is a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. It was posted on the […]

Spiritual but not Religious – Love Jesus but Hate Religion

January 17, 2012 Joe Paprocki 21

More and more today, we hear people saying that they are spiritual but not religious, meaning that they believe in God but choose not to encounter him within the context of the institutional church. One young man has chosen to post a video on YouTube in which he recites a poem about how he loves Jesus, but hates religion. I applaud him for taking the initiative to talk publicly about his faith. I couldn’t disagree more […]

A Sign of the Times – Kids Say the Darndest Things

January 10, 2012 Joe Paprocki 1

Here’s a good example of how times have changed and how catechists need to be aware of how kids will respond to something. As I was observing a 2nd grade class last evening, the catechist was asking the kids to name the 7 Sacraments and giving them clues to help them recall each of them. When it came to the Sacrament of Matrimony, the catechist offered a clue inviting the kids to complete the sentence […]

Tim Tebow, Sports, and Prayer

January 9, 2012 Joe Paprocki 5

Sports is HUGE with kids, so no doubt, kids are interested in the success of Tim Tebow and all the talk about the “miracles” associated with his success, including yesterday’s stunning overtime victory in the NFL playoffs. In case you’re not up-to-date on the whole Tebow phenomenon, here’s a quick summary. For kids, the question that the whole Tim Tebow experience raises is whether or not God answers our prayers when it comes to things […]

Teaching Kids with Autism

November 3, 2011 Joe Paprocki 0

Here is an article about a great resource for teaching kids with autism. http://dreconnect.loyolapress.com/teach/autism-and-faith-our-call-to-the-community.html The article contains information about a free pdf you can download called Autism and Faith. Be sure to take a look.

Catechizing Children with Special Needs

September 12, 2011 Joe Paprocki 6

While in Cleveland recently, I had a nice conversation with a husband and wife catechist team who catechize children with special needs. I have great admiration for people who dedicate themselves to this challenging yet wonderful ministry. It was the first opportunity I had to tell people personally about a brand new resource designed for catechizing children with special needs. It is the Adaptive First Eucharist Preparation Kit from Loyola Press. I had the privilege of […]

Next Up: Advice for Catechists of Jr High/High School Youth

August 10, 2011 Joe Paprocki 6

Thanks to everyone for sharing such great advice for catechists of intermediate age children. Now, we move on to the next group which is catechists of junior high and high school youth (grades 7 through12). Let’s hear from the army of intrepid catechists out there who labor in the vineyard with these unique creatures we call pre-adolescents and adolescents! What advice, wisdom, and strategies do you have to offer? Just type in your comments below…I’ll […]

One More Try – Advice for Catechists of Intermediate Age Children

August 8, 2011 Joe Paprocki 7

In anticipation of the Getting Started as a Catechist Webinars that I’ll be doing in just a few weeks, I’m gathering the wisdom of veteran catechists to share with those who are beginning catechists. In particular, I’m seeking your wisdom on teaching to various age groups. I received some great feedback and suggestions for teaching to primary age children but I’m coming back to you one more time for your insights about teaching to intermediate […]

More Advice for Catechists of Intermediate Age Children

August 2, 2011 Joe Paprocki 0

Here’s what Irene says about being a catechist of intermediate age children: I also love working with intermediate children. I’ve taught fourth grade for a number of years and found the children so ready and willing to learn about the Catholic faith. They love doing posters, dioramas, role playing, group work…I even gave them opportunities to be catechists. Wow! That was an awesome experience! One particular unit of study on the Way of the Cross […]

Advice for Catechists of Intermediate Age Children

August 1, 2011 Joe Paprocki 22

Thanks to the folks who shared some excellent advice for catechists of primary age children last week! This week, we turn our attention to those who teach children in grades 4, 5, and 6 – the intermediate grades. What works? What doesn’t work? What approaches are most effective? What skills, techniques, and strategies are needed? Allow me to begin since I taught 4th graders last year! My advice? Don’t “baby” this age group. They have […]

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