posts that provide insights about working with various age groups of kids.

6th Grade, Here I Come!

May 22, 2012 Joe Paprocki 17

I’m excited about the prospect of teaching 6th grade religious education next year! I’ve spoken to my DRE, Arlene, and she said that she would be happy to have me take a 6th grade slot […]

Holy Week Speaks to Children

March 30, 2012 Joe Paprocki 0

As we enter this holiest of weeks, I thought I’d share an article with you that came to my attention that does a very nice job of explaining why children (of all ages) are especially […]

Tim Tebow, Sports, and Prayer

January 9, 2012 Joe Paprocki 5

Sports is HUGE with kids, so no doubt, kids are interested in the success of Tim Tebow and all the talk about the “miracles” associated with his success, including yesterday’s stunning overtime victory in the […]

Teaching Kids with Autism

November 3, 2011 Joe Paprocki 0

Here is an article about a great resource for teaching kids with autism. The article contains information about a free pdf you can download called Autism and Faith. Be sure to take a look.

Catechizing Children with Special Needs

September 12, 2011 Joe Paprocki 6

While in Cleveland recently, I had a nice conversation with a husband and wife catechist team who catechize children with special needs. I have great admiration for people who dedicate themselves to this challenging yet […]

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