Lenten Resources for catechists

Here are links to the various Lenten resources that we have to offer. We hope they are helpful to you as we journey together through this holy season!

Resources to Download

7 Ways to Practice Lent—Free eBook
Lent with the Saints
Lenten Actions Cards
A Whole Bunch of Values Lenten Countdown for Children
Lent Activities Pack
Stations of the Cross Booklet
Praying with the Stations of the Cross—With Station to Station Questions for Reflection and Discussion 
Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary Scripture Search
Holiness Habits for Lent
Hosting Parish Small Faith Groups—Free Discussion Materials for Lent
Holy Week, the Triduum, and Easter—Free PowerPoint Presentation
Holy Week Activities Pack

Articles and Activities

40 Ideas for 40 Days of Lent
40 Ideas for 40 Days of Lent

Webinar: Making Lent Simple, but Not Easy
What’s That on Your Forehead? Ash Wednesday post by Joe Paprocki
Ashes by Joe Paprocki
Ashes Speak of Grace, Creation, and Justice by Joe Paprocki
Preparing for Ash Wednesday by Denise Gorss
Explaining Ash Wednesday to Children by Darcy Osby
The Four Keys to Lent by Julianne Stanz
40 Fun-Filled Days of Lent by Barb Gilman
Lent: So What’s Up with the Number 40? by Joe Paprocki
Lenten AWE: Reaching Out to Young Adults by Julianne Stanz
LENT: Love – Enjoy – Nurture – Transform by Marian Bach
Five Ways to Follow Jesus During Lent by Joyce Donahue
Games in Lent by Denise Gorss
Lenten Disciples: The Woman at the Well by Julianne Stanz
Lenten Disciples: The Man Born Blind by Julianne Stanz
Lenten Disciples: Martha and Mary at the Raising of Lazarus by Julianne Stanz
Looking Ahead to Lent by Heather Felton
Lent: Learning to Throw a Change-Up to Keep the Enemy Off-Balance by Joe Paprocki
Lent as a Thin Place: Embracing Our Brokenness by Joe Paprocki
Lent as a Thin Place: Yearning for God by Joe Paprocki
Lent as a Thin Place: In Death You Will See New Life by Joe Paprocki
Lent with the Saints, Part 1: Praying with St. Patrick by Bob Burnham
Lent with the Saints, Part 2: Fasting with St. Vincent Ferrer by Bob Burnham
Lent with the Saints, Part 3: Giving Alms with St. Katharine Drexel by Bob Burnham
Lent, a Time to (Re-)Learn the Story of Our Salvation—Part 1: Rescue by Joe Paprocki
Lent, a Time to (Re-)Learn the Story of Our Salvation—Part 2: Restoration by Joe Paprocki
Lent, a Time to (Re-)Learn the Story of Our Salvation—Part 3: Reassurance by Joe Paprocki
Living the Liturgical Year at Home: Lent by Joyce Donahue
Helping Families Celebrate Lent by Kathy Olenik Henry
Teaching the Stations of the Cross by Lisa Jones
Feasting While Fasting by Darcy Osby
More than a Sacrifice: Making Lent Count by Joyce Donahue
Prayer Cubes for Lent by Kathleen Butler
Practical Ways to Observe Lent at Home with Children by Julianne Stanz
40 Crosses Lenten Calendar (English and Spanish)
Hooking Your Students—An Idea for Lent by Joe Paprocki
Developing Students’ Prayerful Habits During Lent by Cindy Coleman
Service Opportunities for Families During Lent by Joe Paprocki
Teaching Second-Graders the Beauty of Lent by Lisa Brown
Keep the Lent Momentum Going: A Lesson in Spiritual Physics by Darcy Osby
The Vocabulary of Lent by Denise Gorss
The Sorrowful Mysteries by Joe Paprocki
Journeying with the Scriptures in Lent by Kathy Olenik Henry
Lent as a Catechetical Leader by Paul Gallagher
Lent Is a Time to “Name the Sin” Without Dwelling On It by Joe Paprocki
Lent: Helping People to Live Differently by Joe Paprocki
Why Do We Observe Lent? by Lisa Jones
Six Ways to Keep the Message of Lent a Focal Point All Season by Denise Gorss
Loyola Press Lent Resources

Prayer Opportunities

Living Lent Daily
Living Lent Daily
Arts & Faith: Lent Imaginative Prayer Exercises
A Guided Reflection on Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving
A Prayer for Fasting
The Seven Last Words of Jesus
Stations of the Cross for Children (English and Spanish)
Online Retreats and Prayers


Arts & Faith: Lent video screenshot
Arts & Faith: Lent

Pop-Up Catechesis: Practicing the Lenten Disciplines
An Ash Wednesday Dialogue
Lent FAQ with Joe Paprocki
Pop-Up Catechesis: Dealing with Temptations
Pop-Up Catechesis: Lent and Following Our Inner Compass
Pop-Up Prayer: Guest Fr. Andy Alexander, SJ
How Jesus Responds to Suffering
Pop-Up Catechesis: The Stations of the Cross
Reflecting on the Lenten Scriptures Cycle A Video Options
Reflecting on the Lenten Scriptures Cycle C Video Options
Pop-Up Catechesis: Holy Week

Holy Week

palm branches
10 Ways to Help Children Appreciate the Triduum
by Joyce Donahue
Celebrating Holy Week as a Family by Julianne Stanz
Keeping the Triduum at Home by Joe Paprocki
Teaching about Holy Week by Barb Gilman
Learning about the Last Supper by Denise Gorss
Palm Weaving and Braiding by Joe Paprocki
Preparing for Holy Week in Junior High by Denise Gorss
Holy Thursday’s Hidden Graces by Eric Gurash
Knowing How the Story Ends Changes How You Experience the Story by Joe Paprocki
The Challenges of Teaching Holy Week by Lisa Brown
Holy Week Activities from Loyola Press
Using the Jesus of Nazareth Film to Prepare for Holy Week by Joe Paprocki
Leading an Experience of Holy Week by Darcy Osby
Story, Art, and Prayer in Holy Week by Denise Gorss
Holy Week Activity—Looking for Clues in the Good Friday Passion
Venerating the Cross Beyond Good Friday by Joe Paprocki
The Cross Is Heavy…In So Many Ways by Joe Paprocki

Suggested Books

Lent books from Loyola Press
Sacred Space for Lent 2024 by the Irish Jesuits
Station to Station by Gary Jansen
Under the Influence of Jesus by Joe Paprocki (also available in Spanish)
Lenten Meditations 10-Pack: Growing in Friendship with God by William A. Barry, SJ
The Ignatian Workout for Lent by Tim Muldoon
Praying Lent by Andy Alexander, SJ and Maureen McCann Waldron
The Haunted Cathedral by Antony Barone Kolenc
The Stations of the Cross Booklet


  1. I thank you for putting together these lent recourses. They are very helpful, since we don’t have much time to pull all of this together. I also like that there are new ideas.


    • You’re welcome, Linda! We are sure to add new ideas every year to go along with the many resources developed in previous years!

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