Pop-Up Catechesis with Joe Paprocki
Spiritual Growth

Pop-Up Catechesis: Spirituality Is Not a Slice of the Pie

If you were to create a pie chart showing how much time you devote to your home life (including sleeping), work, exercise, socializing, and hobbies, how big of a slice would you show for spirituality? For many of us, we might be tempted to add up the time we spend in spiritual practices such as going to church, praying, reading the Bible and other inspirational literature, and perhaps visiting a spiritual director or participating in […]

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Mary and the Saints

Mary, Mother of Catechists

The Blessed Virgin Mary is so many things to us: she is our mother, our help, our comfort, and our joy. She is our model disciple; she is the “untier of knots.” She is also our model catechist. Here are three ways we can be more like Mary as catechists. 1. Say “Yes.” When I invite parishioners to prayerfully consider becoming a catechist, their first response is often “Who, me?” followed by expressions of doubt, […]

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Family Catechesis

St. Barnabas Family Catechesis: Pentecost Celebration

It’s hard to believe that the catechetical year is wrapping up! This past year at St. Barnabas, doing the monthly parent presentations for the Finding God family catechesis program, has been such a wonderful experience! We have one more session on the calendar for Pentecost Sunday. This session will be an end-of-the-year/Pentecost celebration. Tops on the agenda is a full, hot breakfast being served to the families in the program. We will also have a […]

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Subscriber Survey

Now that Catechist’s Journey is preparing to go into dormition (That sounds so much more appropriate than “ceasing” or “ending”!), we want to get a sense of your interests and needs so that we can plan future online experiences. To that end, we invite you to complete a brief survey about your experience with Catechist’s Journey. As a thank you for your completed survey, you’ll be entered in a drawing for a set of three […]

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Liturgy and Sacraments

Visiting the Church in Different Seasons

Instead of doing one long tour of the church with students, think of doing a church tour in pieces. Let students get up close and personal, asking questions about the place we celebrate our faith and sacramental life. One way to do this is to visit the church during the different seasons of the liturgical year or before special feasts. For All Saints Day, look at the images of the saints in and around the […]



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