How Star Wars Gives Voice to the Spiritual Journey: A Webinar

I have long been a fan of science fiction. (I’m old enough to remember enjoying the original Star Trek series on TV when I was a kid and the first Star Wars film in the theater as a teenager.) One of the things I enjoy about the genre is its exploration of spiritual themes. It’s as if the genre itself provides us with a venue for exploring spiritual issues freed from any “baggage” of institutional […]

On Retreat with Pope Francis: A Webinar with Austen Ivereigh

Often in life, certain dreams we have remain just out of our reach. I always wanted to see the Beatles perform live; however, after John Lennon’s tragic death, I realized this would never happen. Seeing Paul McCartney perform live a few years ago was the next best thing! I’ve no doubt that many of us would dream about the chance to go on a personal retreat with Pope Francis. However, for most of us, that […]

Pop-Up Catechesis: Listening for God’s Call

When St. Joan of Arc was on trial for heresy, the Inquisitor mocked her for claiming that she heard God’s voice speaking to her. He said, “It’s only your imagination!” Joan responded, “Of course! How else would God speak to me but through my imagination?” This story teaches us that we need to pay attention to how God is speaking to us through our thoughts, feelings, desires, hopes, dreams, imagination, and memories. Our vocation, or […]

What’s Your Catechetical New Year’s Resolution?

Happy New Year, everyone! While I don’t make a big thing out of New Year’s resolutions, I think it is always good to set goals and to articulate them. As we begin 2024, I thought it would be fun for us to make and share some catechetical New Year’s resolutions! Mine is to cut down on the amount of talking I do during presentations so as to leave more time and space for discussion. What’s […]

Renewing Your Energy as a Catechist

In my mind, the first recorded case of ministerial burnout is the story of Elijah falling asleep under the broom tree, as told in 1 Kings 19:3–9. In this story, the prophet Elijah concluded that, despite all the powerful works God had accomplished through him, he (Elijah) was a failure whose only reward was a bounty on his head and a life as an outcast, on the run from his enemies. Elijah decided that he […]

Where Creation Inspires

Every summer, I take time to recharge my catechetical batteries, and this year, reading Joe Paprocki’s book, 8 Steps to Energize Your Faith, was exactly what I needed. Reflecting on his thought-provoking questions each week, I renewed my focus on God’s work in my life. In the chapter on delighting in nature and all of creation, Joe points out that Jesus was often catechizing outdoors—on mountaintops and seashores and any number of other places. He […]

Pop-Up Prayer: Guest Dr. Andy Kereky

Typically, when we think of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, we think of the audience as consisting primarily of adults. So, imagine my surprise when I learned of a pastoral minister leading retreats for children based on the Spiritual Exercises! We may not all be rushing to lead children in the Spiritual Exercises; however, we can all learn a few things about praying with children from his work. Join me for this episode of […]

An Examen Webinar to Help You Lead Others to Find God in All Things

One of the hallmarks of Ignatian prayer and spirituality is the daily Examen—a prayerful way to review the day to recognize God’s presence and movement in our everyday lives. We tend to think of this prayer as an adult exercise; however, many catechists and school teachers have found that this prayer is easily adaptable to children and can serve as a great tool for introducing young people to the contemplative aspect of our spiritual lives. […]

July Is for All Things Ignatian

Those of us at Loyola Press get a bit excited every July. Why’s that? Well, it just so happens that July 31 is the feast day of our patron, St. Ignatius of Loyola. Each year, we use the entire month of July to celebrate all things Ignatian, and this year is no different! For starters, I invite you to join me for a free webinar aimed at identifying how Ignatian spirituality is needed in the […]

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