The Prayer List - mini-posters with quotes from Jane Knuth book
Book Club

Book Club Bonus: The Prayer List Mini-Posters

Editor’s note: In our online book club, we’re reading Jane Knuth’s The Prayer List…and Other True Stories of How Families Pray. Each Tuesday through August 7, 2018, we’ll bring you Book Club Bonus Days—sharing additional stories of family prayer, continuing the weekly conversation, and more. Find all the book club posts here. “God can do anything. This is true. But God doesn’t do ‘just anything’; he’s too wise for that. I think it all depends on the relationship.” “I am […]

The Prayer List by Jane Knuth - online book club
Book Club

Online Book Club Week 7: Mealtime Grace

Editor’s note: Jump into our online book club! We’re reading Jane Knuth’s The Prayer List…and Other True Stories of How Families Pray. This week we focus on chapters 19–21. Learn more about the book club here. I made a startling discovery in the last couple of weeks. I was reading a biography of St. Catherine Laboure.* The story takes place in early 1800s France and describes the sisters as saying the same meal grace that […]

Discovering the Nearness of God: A Series on the Catholic Sacramental Vision by Joe Paprocki
Liturgy and Sacraments

Discovering the Nearness of God: An Eight-Week Series on the Catholic Sacramental Vision

Welcome to the first installment of an eight-week series I’m doing this summer here on Catechist’s Journey on the Catholic sacramental vision. “Discovering the Nearness of God” will draw from my upcoming book, Living the Sacraments: Finding God at the Intersection of Heaven and Earth. I’d like to begin by stating emphatically that the most urgent message for us to spread today is the good news of the nearness of God! We live during a […]

service day

Service as a Catalyst for Missionary Discipleship

The corporal works of mercy play an important part in discipleship. When acts of service are planned to intentionally proclaim the Gospel and treat all people as if they were Jesus in disguise (see Matthew 25:34–40), they are a catalyst for initial and ongoing conversion. In her wisdom, the Church outlines a systematic and comprehensive process of evangelization and faith formation that nurtures conversion. This process of evangelization includes the following five stages. Pre-evangelization Initial […]

Book Club Bonus: Family Prayer Card
Book Club

Book Club Bonus: Family Prayer Card

Jane Knuth discovered that the best way to pray with your family is the way that works best for your family. But sometimes a little encouragement for how to start is welcome. Today, download a family prayer card that invites you to ask God’s help in recognizing the ordinary, daily ways that your family can grow closer to God. This prayer card is offered to you as this week’s Book Club Bonus. We continue to […]



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