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Ignatian Spirituality

Why Ignatian Spirituality Speaks to Children

I’m very excited to see the newest revision of Finding God becoming a reality! I was hired by Loyola Press back in 2002 to contribute to the creation of this wonderful faith formation program that is steeped in Ignatian spirituality—something that is near and dear to my heart as someone with 12 years of Jesuit education. Ignatian spirituality resonates with so many people, mainly because St. Ignatius developed his Spiritual Exercises for lay people, while […]

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Valentine’s Day: Using Signs to Share a Narrative of Love

I find Valentine’s Day to be a wonderful opportunity to talk about Catholic sacramentality. It is a day on which signs, symbols, gestures, and rituals are used to convey feelings of love and, when it comes to signs, symbols, gestures, and rituals, we Catholics are the experts! Catholic sacramentality basically expresses our belief that the invisible God can be recognized and encountered through the physical world. That’s why we use water, oil, bread, wine, flame, […]

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Being a Catechist

Catechists as Co-Missionaries

Each year when catechists are commissioned on Catechetical Sunday, I envision Jesus’ Great Commission before he ascended into heaven: Later he appeared to the eleven themselves as they were sitting at the table; and he upbraided them for their lack of faith and stubbornness, because they had not believed those who saw him after he had risen. And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole […]

Amos/Hosea/Micah: A Call to Justice (book cover)
Ten Commandments, Sin, & Morality

World Day of Social Justice: February 20, 2020

In my “travels” through cyberspace, I discovered that Thursday, February 20, 2020, is World Day of Social Justice (United Nations). Social justice is considered one of the “two feet” of Catholic social action. One foot is charity (taking care of people’s immediate needs), while the other foot is social justice (addressing the structures and policies in society that cause people to be deprived of what they deserve). Social justice is not a liberal or conservative issue; […]



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