Becoming a Catechist

Are you thinking of becoming a catechist? Or are you a catechetical leader, looking for ways to help parishioners understand what it means to be a volunteer catechist? Here are some resources to help.

Articles and Videos for Those Considering the Call to Be a Catechist

Top Reasons to Become a Catechist

More Top Reasons to Become a Catechist

Top Reasons People Hesitate to Become a Catechist

Responses to Why People Hesitate to Become a Catechist

Recruiting Catechists Video

Becoming a Catechist: What’s Your Story?

Stories on the Journey: How Did I Get into This?

Positive Approach to Recruiting Catechists

Top Ten Little Things That Can Make a Big Difference for Catechists

11 Tips for Catechists

Skills, Tips, and Practical Advice for Preparing the Learning Environment

Catechists in Action

As you discern the call to serve as a catechist, it might help to take a peek at some catechists in action to see what it looks and feels like to do this work. The Catechists in Action series visits catechists in their parishes and shares videos of their classes so that you can get a taste of this ministry.

catechist Katie Elwood Katie Elwood, Grade 2

catechist Steve Lascola Steve Lascola, Grade 3

catechist Nick Yonto Nick Yonto, Grade 5

catechist Dan Ward Dan Ward, Grade 7

catechist Len Astrowski Len Astrowski, Grade 7

catechist Chris Brett Chris Brett, Grade 8

catechist Marge Garbacz Marge Garbacz, RCIA

Compilation Video of Some of the Best Moments of Catechists in Action

Getting Started as a Catechist Webinars

Watch these pre-recorded webinars for new catechists, with sessions helpfully divided by age group being taught.

Books by Joe Paprocki

books by Joe PaprockiJoe Paprocki has written several books to help catechists.

For more information about being a catechist, contact your parish’s catechetical leader, or contact me at or


  1. I have been a 4th grade cathecist for 4 yrs. Each year I feel closer to Jesus. I am enlightened by the children and I keep praying to Jesus to make me stronger in spirit.

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