Lent as a Catechetical Leader

Our annual Lenten journey has begun. I don’t know about you, but it seems like I always start this penitential season really well, but then quickly fall into the same old busy-ness of parish life. In fact, for most catechetical leaders, Lent is our busiest time of the year. How do we counter that? First and foremost, we have to make a commitment to prayerfully focus on what the season means. It’s a time to […]

Jersey Joe

Here are a couple of pics from my visit to Newark, NJ, last week, spending a couple of days with about 65 parish catechetical leaders reflecting on the 7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness. Thanks, folks, for a great experience! Here I am, back to the camera, participating in one of the beautiful prayer experiences they put together.                   And, here I am, participating in one of the […]

Thank You, Cleveland!

I had a wonderful couple of days in Cleveland, spending Friday with catechetical leaders and Saturday with catechists, as they kick-off their catechetical year. I was impressed and inspired by the level of enthusiasm and dedication. I was also flattered by the appreciation some people have for my books as evidenced by this picture of a catechist who brought her copy of The Catechist’s Toolbox for me to sign. She proudly showed me the tabs […]

The New Generation of Catechetical Leaders – Update

Several weeks ago, I posted about what I call the “new generation” of catechetical leaders. Since then, I’ve received a few more names to add and some new information to include in some of their biographies. Here’s the latest version of my “directory” of the new generation of catechetical leaders! The New Generation of Catechetical Leaders

A Mile High!

I just spent a wonderful morning with a number of catechetical leaders and catechists about an hour out of Denver in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO! I am especially grateful that everything worked out because just about 36 hours ago, I was in bed with a fever and a cough that had me barking like a dog. Luckily, I was able to see the doc on Tuesday, get some meds, rest up, and fly out Wednesday […]

Autumn in New York

New York is indeed beautiful in Autumn! I spent the last couple of days in the Dutchess/Ulster County area and the fall colors are already showing in such splendor, especially along the Taconic State Parkway. I did two Being, Knowing, and Doing professional development workshops for catechetical leaders in the region and had a very nice time visiting with these hard-working and dedicated folks. So here’s a SHOUT OUT to all the folks I met […]

BKD in The Big Easy

This past Saturday, I had the joy and privilege of conducting a Being, Knowing, and Doing professional development workshop for a wonderful group of catechetical leaders (and a few catechists as well) in New Orleans. It was my first trip to the Big Easy and it was SO enjoyable. Many, many thanks to the great folks who made me feel so at home there and contributed to a most productive day of looking at how […]

Becoming a Catechist: What's YOUR Story?

At this time of the year, many people are being asked to consider the possibility of becoming a catechist for next year. This is a monumental responsibility of the catechetical leader: to discern which individuals God may be calling to this privileged vocation. By the same token, those who are invited to serve as catechists are faced with discerning whether or not this is their vocation. Part of that discernment is listening to the stories […]