3-Minute Retreat: A Heart Seeking Goodness

September 15, 2013

Prayer/Guided Reflections

Happy Catechetical Sunday! Now before another busy week begins, take a quiet moment to pray for your ministry and for your fellow catechists.

3-Minute Retreat 09-16-13

A former high school teacher of mine enjoys reminding me and my best friend that, when we were students in his class, we tried so hard to be bad and failed so miserably! It just wasn’t in us to be bad. We came from good families who instilled the love of God in us, and to behave otherwise was like going against the laws of physics. Thank God for a good upbringing! The fact is, if we surround ourselves with love, goodness, and truth, and are nourished by it constantly, it becomes almost impossible to live as anything other than a loving, good, and truthful person…no matter how hard we try!

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One Response to “3-Minute Retreat: A Heart Seeking Goodness”

  1. Henry Says:

    Thank you for posting, Joe. I needed that! Perfect timing!


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