Pentecost: A Renewable Source of Abundance

Under the Influence of JesusImagine how you would feel if someone stepped into your life, paid off all of your debts, and set up a line of credit for you to draw from for the rest of your life!

I know one thing…I’d like this person’s business card!

This scenario may sound far-fetched, but in essence, this is what God has done for us, and this is what we celebrate on Pentecost. God not only relieved us of our debt by sending us his only Son Jesus who died for us and rose from the dead, but he also gave us a renewable source of abundance: the Holy Spirit, who made it possible for the Church to begin and to continue to thrive under the influence of Jesus for over 2000 years!

That should affect the way we live day by day – under the influence of Jesus!

For more on Pentecost, enjoy my brief video:


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Joe Paprocki, DMin, is National Consultant for Faith Formation at Loyola Press. He has more than 30 years of experience in ministry and has taught at many different levels. He is the author of numerous books, including the bestseller The Catechist’s Toolbox and Under the Influence of Jesus.

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