Teaching About Jesus Using PowerPoint

At the recent plenary assembly of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, Pope Benedict XVI encouraged the use of new technologies of the digital age to spread the word of God. With that in mind, for the first time in my life as a catechist, this evening I will be having my students create Powerpoint presentations rather than posters! For the last few years, during the Jesus unit, I have had my classes work at […]

Voices of the Saints Quiz: Which One are You?

Here’s a fun and engaging activity you can enjoy either by yourself or, if you have Internet capability in your classroom, with your students. It’s called the Voices of the Saints Quiz: Which One Are You? It’s a fun way to learn about the saints as described by Bert Ghezzi in his book, Voices of the Saints: A 365-Day Journey with Our Spiritual Companions. I turned out to be Saint Anthony of Padua, who, the […]

Videos for Religious Education

Here is a resource that you’ll find very helpful: it is a correlation of catechetical video resources for grades 1-8. While it is specifically correlated for the Finding God program, I have no doubt that the resource list will prove handy for folks using any curriculum. The list provides publisher and ISBN information to assist you in tracking down resources through your diocesan media center or directly from publishers.

Catechists on YouTube?

A recent innovation on the Internet is the popularity of Catholic video podcasts (a.k.a. vodcasts) that show up on YouTube and other media as a means to spread the faith. For example, Philadelphia’s archbishop Cardinal Justin Rigali used YouTube during Lent to provide brief video reflections on the gospels and recieved thousands of hits (visits). I’m wondering about how catechists might be able to use YouTube to reach those we teach, not in place of […]

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