Spiritual Health is More Than the Absence of Sin

For all of the bad press that secularism gets in religious (and particularly Catholic) circles, the fact is, secular culture often provides us with insights that are congruent with the proclamation of the Gospel. Case in point: this brief talk on happiness by Psychologist Shawn Achor is consistent with the approach to a healthy Christian spirituality. In fact, it is just this kind of thinking that inspired me to write my newest book, 7 Keys to […]

Rest in Peace, Uncle Joe!

I’m saddened this morning by the loss of my Uncle Joe, my Dad’s younger brother, and my last living uncle. Next to my Dad, he was one of the men I admired most in life and I am proud to have been named after him. He attended the same high school I did – St. Ignatius College Prep in Chicago – and had a long and fruitful association with the Jesuits. He was always very […]

Surprise! Diocesan Directors Congratulate Joe on his 5th Anniversary

Unbeknownst to Joe, we here at Loyola Press asked a few DREs to shoot videos congratulating Joe on his 5th anniversary, and discuss what Catechist’s Journey has meant to them over the course of 5 years. Here’s what David O’Brien and Jonathan Sullivan had to say… [click here if you’re unable to view] What would you say to Joe in a video? Leave a comment below and tell us. It’ll be sure to make him […]

Wanna Keep Christ in Christmas? Wish People a Merry Xmas!

It’s common today to hear Christians lament the fact that Jesus is too often overlooked or even left out in our modern secular celebration of the holiday. One example that people sometimes mistakenly point to is the use of the term Xmas which some see as a way of leaving Christ out of Christmas when actually, the complete opposite is occurring here. The X actually represents the name of Christ! In Greek, the first two […]

5000th Comment! Congratulations Jessica!

Congratulations to Jessica Bruchey, Assistant Principal of St. Joseph Catholic School in Winter Haven, FLA, for posting the 5000th comment on Catechist’s Journey recently! I’ll be sending Jessica autographed copies of 5 of my books as a prize! Keep those comments coming folks…we’re well on our way to 6000!

A Facelift for Catechist’s Journey!

Welcome to the new look for Catechist’s Journey! As we approach the 5th anniversary of my blog in December, 2011, (and the 5000th comment!) we thought it would be a good idea to freshen up the look of Catechist’s Journey. Because there is so much content on my blog, we decided to re-arrange it so that you can find things more easily. Thus, the new tabs up above (All Things Catechist, Catechetical Issues & Topics, […]

Teaching a Language of Mystery

Last evening, I had the pleasure of speaking to about 65 catechists at St. Julie Billiart parish in Tinley Park, IL, on the final night of a 6 week summer series called The Monday Night Medley, sponsored by the parishes of the Southwest Suburban Cluster of DREs. This year’s focus was on Sacraments, Prayer, and Liturgy and my task was to cover the catechetical dimension, demonstrating how catechists can incorporate elements of these 3 topics […]

Practice Makes Catholic Webinar Recording Now Available!

As promised, the recording of the Practice Makes Catholic Webinar is now available for those of you (including me!) who missed it live. Remember, the voice you hear throughout the webinar is that of my colleague Jim Moran who bravely filled in for me as I was away at my Mother-in-law’s funeral. Thanks again Jim. Also, it’s been pointed out to me that the link to the Classroom Covenant in my PDF of Resources is […]

Q & A from Practice Makes Catholic Webinar

I was delighted to receive the print out of comments and questions that participants sent in during last week’s Practice Makes Catholic Webinar. It was especially nice to see how much you enjoyed simply sharing ideas with one another. So, as you peruse the following, know that there are more comments than there are questions for me to answer.  Practice Makes Catholic Q & A Remember that a recording of the Webinar will be available within […]

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