Pop-Up Catechesis: Practicing the Virtue of Faith

In a previous episode of Pop-Up Catechesis, we looked at virtues as good habits that we practice to walk the path of holiness. Traditionally, the virtues have been identified as the Theological Virtues (faith, hope, and love) and the Cardinal Virtues (prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance). In this episode of Pop-Up Catechesis, we explore the first of the Theological Virtues, faith, and talk about what it means to practice faith.  For more information about […]

Pop-Up Catechesis: Honoring the Saints

From time to time, we Catholics find ourselves having to explain our relationship with the saints to those who are non-Catholic, especially our Protestant brothers and sisters. While all Christians honor the saints to some degree, we Catholics can be really “over-the-top” in our devotion to the saints. (And I mean that in a good way!) Our devotion to the saints is revealed in our love for icons, statues, relics, medals, litanies, prayers, novenas, and […]

Pop-Up Catechesis: Figurative Language in the Bible

Catholics believe in the inerrancy of the Bible. However, that word “inerrancy” means different things to different people. To some, the inerrancy of the Bible means that every word in the Bible is to be taken literally. This is known as fundamentalism, and folks who abide by this approach are known as fundamentalists. For Catholics, the inerrancy of the Bible refers to the truth that Scripture is conveying. In other words, Catholics believe that everything […]

Pop-Up Catechesis: Understanding the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist

When it comes to teaching about the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, one might wonder: why doesn’t the Church grant permission to a group of scientists to examine reverently an unconsecrated host and a consecrated host under a microscope (much as the Church has allowed scientific studies to be conducted on the Shroud of Turin) and report on the differences they see between the two? I can tell you why the Church doesn’t […]

Pop-Up Catechesis: Understanding Holiness

I think that holiness is one of the most misunderstood concepts in spirituality. That’s unfortunate, because holiness is something that we are all called to! Too often, holiness is equated with being pious. While I have nothing against piety, it is mostly thought of as being “devoutly religious,” which usually translates into “someone involved in a lot of church activities.” The problem with that is it confines holiness to the church campus and makes it […]

Pop-Up Catechesis: Praying with Words or in Silence

Isn’t it funny how, when you’ve known someone for a long time, you can tell by the look on his or her face what she or he is trying to say to you? We don’t always need words to communicate with someone. By the same token, it can be difficult to know how someone truly feels unless one puts it into words! When it comes to our prayer lives, at times we can rely on […]

Pop-Up Catechesis: Making Moral Choices

Too often in our lives, we fail to consider the consequences of our actions. We act impulsively and then find ourselves overwhelmed by and even regretting the ramifications of what we have said or done. There’s no putting the toothpaste back into the tube after it’s been forced out! When we act impulsively—without thinking—our words and actions tend to come too quickly. They can be reckless, and the consequences can linger far too long. For […]

Pop-Up Catechesis: Aligning Ourselves with God

During week 2 of our Faith Refreshed online retreat, we are focusing on “Aligning Ourselves with God” and how the second pillar of our Catholic faith—the Sacraments—summarizes how we, as Catholics, worship. In this episode of Pop-Up Catechesis, we explore how through our worship, we realign ourselves with God and God’s will. For more information about how we align ourselves with God by celebrating the sacraments, check out the following links: A Well-Built Faith: A […]

Pop-Up Catechesis: God’s Revealing Moments

During week 1 of our Faith Refreshed online retreat, we are focusing on “God’s Revealing Moments” and how the first pillar of our Catholic faith—the Creed—summarizes what God has revealed about himself over the course of salvation history. In this episode of Pop-Up Catechesis, we explore how sometimes, we may need to “stare our way” into recognizing how God is revealing himself to us in our everyday lives. For more information about recognizing God’s revealing […]

Pop-Up Catechesis: Actual Grace and Sanctifying Grace

Did you know that the Church teaches us that there are two kinds of grace? Indeed, the Catechism of the Catholic Church (#2000) speaks to us of actual grace and sanctifying grace. Grace, of course, is God’s life within us. The Church teaches that we encounter this grace in two unique ways. In this episode of Pop-Up Catechesis, we explore the Catholic understanding of actual grace and sanctifying grace. For more information about grace, check […]

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