Terry Hershey on Sanctuary for Catechists

Terry Hershey explains that sanctuary is “a place that renews, replenishes, and nourishes.” Here, the inspirational speaker and author gives catechists simple steps to find sanctuary in their own lives. He addresses three questions: How does a catechist find sanctuary in the midst of a busy life? How can catechists help others in their community find sanctuary? How can a young person find sanctuary in the modern age? Hershey talks more in his new book […]

The Manger and the Message: The Real Story of Christmas in Less Than Two Minutes

Here’s a resource from a friend of mine that I know you will like. Bret Nicholas worked with me at Loyola Press for a number of years and contributed greatly to the titling and marketing of many of my books and for that, I am eternally grateful. He runs his own publishing business and has authored an outstanding little resource called The Manger and the Message: The Real Story of Christmas in Less Than Two […]

Nice Book Review for Under the Influence of Jesus!

While on vacation, I caught wind of this very nice review of my book, Under the Influence of Jesus. The review was written for CatholicPhilly.com  by Eugene J. Fisher, a professor of theology at St. Leo University in Florida. Thanks, Dr. Fisher! Here’s a sample of the review: This book is a spiritual meditation on what it means to be a Christian in one’s daily life. Written on a popular level, it makes use of […]

Loyola Press to publish English translation of Pope Francis book

I guess I’ll have to share the Loyola Press author spot light with some upstart author! 🙂 (Check out the story in the Chicago Tribune) Seriously, this is such exciting news! Loyola Press has beat out the nation’s top publishing houses for the rights to produce the North American English translation of the first collection of Pope Francis’ words since he became pope. Congrats to Joe Durepos, our Acquisitions Editor, for discovering this “new talent” […]

More Positive Reviews for Beyond the Catechist’s Toolbox!

I am grateful for 2 more very positive reviews of Beyond the Catechist’s Toolbox, from people I highly respect! First, here’s a review from Jonathan Sullivan, the Director of Catechetical Services for the Diocese of Springfield, IL. He is also the chair of the  National Conference for Catechetical Leadership‘s Technology Committee and  host of the Catechetical Leader podcast. Jonathan is one of the finest minds in the country with relation to the effective use of technology […]

More Positive Reviews for 7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness!

The positive reviews for my book, 7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness, continue to roll in! I was delighted to read the following 2 great reviews. The first is by Heidi Schlumpf (National Catholic Reporter, 7/20)… Antdote to Spiritual Sickness …and the second is from RTJ’s (Religion Teachers Journal) Creative Catechist. 7 Keys Review in Creative Catechist

Local Paper Features My 7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness

Among the many joys of Easter Sunday was the realization that a local newspaper, the Daily Southtown Star, published a story about my book 7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness. I had completely forgotten about the interview which took place a week and a half earlier. When I picked up my Mom to go to our family Easter celebration, she congratulated me on the nice article in the paper! I quickly did a u-turn and headed to […]

Start the New Year Right: Get SPIRITUALLY Fit!

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions that include getting physically fit. Nothing wrong with that! However, there’s another kind of fitness that is equally if not more important: spiritual fitness. Why not make a commitment this New Year to pay attention to your spiritual wellness? With that in mind, I’m happy to announce the publication of my new book: 7 KEYS TO SPIRITUAL WELLNESS: ENRICHING YOUR FAITH BY STRENGTHENING THE HEALTH OF YOUR SOUL […]

Books, Books, Books!

I found the following article to be very interesting. Basically, it is saying that kids who grow up surrounded by lots of books grow up smarter! http://www.salon.com/books/laura_miller/2010/06/02/summer_book_giveaway/ As always, I think of the ramifications for religious education. I wonder what we could do to expose our students to more age-appropriate books about the Catholic faith to help them be smarter Catholics. For example, wouldn’t it be cool if  we catechists had access to a box […]

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