Catechists in Action – Marge Leads Opening Prayer

In this segment of Catechists in Action, Marge Garbacz welcomes her RCIA participants and invites them to prayer. Watch for the following: Marge greets the participants with great enthusiasm, letting them know how welcome they are and how enthusiastic she is to be spending time with them Marge gives instructions for the prayer and invites the group to pray a prayer written for the parish RCIA process and used over many years at the parish. […]

Catechists In Action – Meet Marge Garbacz, Catechist of Adults

Welcome to the final installment of Catechists in Action, a feature that has enabled us to be a “fly on the wall” of a number of catechists in this past year. In this final installment, we meet Marge Garbacz, Director of Religious Education at St. Symphorosa Parish in Chicago, IL. Among the many hats that Marge wears (including “parish carnival coordinator”!) is the coordinator of the parish RCIA process. Marge has assembled an impressive team […]

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