10 Things Catechists Can Learn from Mister Rogers

Recently, we at Loyola Press were blessed with a visit from Hedda Sharapan, who worked alongside Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood for over 50 years and continues to serve as a consultant for Fred Rogers Productions. (BTW, our Loyola Press President, Joellyn Cicciarelli, also worked alongside Fred Rogers for a stint early in her career.) Hedda shared some wonderful stories and profound insights about child development, which were at the heart of Mister Rogers’ success. […]

Bishop David O’Connell’s 5 “i’s” For Effective Catechesis

I mentioned that when I was in the Diocese of Trenton, NJ, last week, I was inspired by Bishop David O’Connell’s homily in which he outlined, among other things, what he considers to be 5 essential elements for effective catechesis and effective catechists. Here are his 5 “i’s” –   Identity: get in touch with the Lord Jesus Christ through his Word, through prayer, through meditation, through the sacraments especially Penance and the Eucharist, through […]

Name One Quality of An Effective Teacher

During our Webinar, Forming a 3-Dimensional Catechist, I asked participants to think of the best teacher they ever had and then invited them to type in one word or phrase that describes a quality or skill they had that made them so effective. Here’s what people had to say: Most Effective Teacher Traits What quality or skill are you asking the Holy Spirit to gift you with as a catechist this year?

Top Ten Little Things That Can Make a Big Difference for Catechists

Over the past year, I have picked up a number of handy suggestions from various catechists—little things they do in their classes that I think make a BIG difference. Here are the “top ten” things that you can do on a regular basis to help you become a more effective and engaging catechist right now—without adding tons of additional planning time to your preparation for class. Greet your students at the door each week with a task […]