Oops! My Bad!

Thanks to Jennifer Schneider, Director of Faith Formation, and her staff at St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church in New Prague, MN, for alerting me to the fact that I made a big boo-boo on question #1 of the What’s Your Catholic IQ? in the current issue of Catechist Magazine. Here’s her email: Joe We are having a bit of a dilemma here at our office around a question in the Catechist Magazine catholic IQ. The question […]

Quote of the Week

“We are entering a period of new vitality for the Church, a period in which adult Catholic laity will play a pivotal leadership role in fulfilling the Christian mission of evangelizing and transforming society. For adults to fulfill their role in this new era of the Church, their faith formation must be lifelong, just as they must continue to learn to keep up in the changing world.” (Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us: A Pastoral […]

Using Moral Dilemmas to Teach – A Catechist Shares Her Ideas

Using moral dilemmas to teach Catholic morality is a tried and true, effective teaching method. I recently had an email exchange with a catechist about the topic of teaching morality and, in the course of our sharing, she generously shared with me some moral dilemma scripts she developed for teaching the virtues and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Here’s our exchange: Hi Joe, I, too, am an 8th grade catechist this year.  I appreciate […]

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