God in the Ordinary Bingo Cards

Where have you experienced God in the ordinary moments of life? That’s a great question to start a discussion with youth groups or adults exploring spirituality. And to encourage people to think about finding God in all things, some less-than-obvious, we’ve created a God in the Ordinary Bingo game, available for free download by filling out the form within this post. Play the game with rules similar to Human Bingo. Participants get a card and […]

Pop-Up Catechesis: “Finding God Everywhere” Game

In today’s episode of Pop-Up Catechesis, we look at a fun game to play with your children to break up the day and to teach a lesson about “finding God in all things”—something that St. Ignatius of Loyola taught and a concept that is very comforting (and much needed) during this time of isolation and sheltering at home.  For more information about the notion of “finding God in all things,” check out the following: […]

The Spirituality of the Catechist: An Openness to the World (Online Retreat Week 4)

We come to Week Four of our online retreat, the Spirituality of the Catechist. In this week, we explore the third characteristic of a catechist’s spirituality: An Openness to the World. You can join this retreat at any time, starting with today’s post or going back to catch up on earlier weeks. You might also like to return to a previous week to share some thoughts in the comments section. Your sharing makes this retreat […]

Chance Encounter Leads to St. Ignatius of Loyola

Ten years ago, I really didn’t know anything about St. Ignatius of Loyola, nor of the Jesuit order, which he founded. A chance encounter with a Jesuit priest changed that for me, and since that dinner conversation, I’ve incorporated Ignatian spirituality into my daily life. I met Fr. George Lane, SJ, who was then the president of Loyola Press, during my first training as a ministry consultant. By chance, Fr. Lane sat next to me […]

God in the Big and Small Things of Summer

Summer can be a time of respite for the busy DRE. There is work, to be sure—VBS to run, youth activities to coordinate, fall curricula to plan. But there is, too, a leisure about summer. The school year is over. Spring sacraments have been celebrated. In a job where Sabbath rest can come all too seldom, summer can be a sabbatical season. God models for us, in the first creation story in Genesis, the rhythms […]