Trust in the Goodness of God

Tonight’s the night! And I’m not referring to the great 1975 Neil Young song of the same title! Tonight is my first religious ed session for the 2009-10 catechetical year! May the “wind” of the Holy Spirit be at my sails! Here’s my plan: The theme (BIG idea) of this first session is: “We can trust in the goodness of God the Father” I plan to meet and greet the young people at the door […]

Planning for Week One

This coming Monday is week one of religious ed classes. Looking ahead, my overall goals are the following: to get there early to look over my classroom to see how I can set it up so that the arrangement will be conducive to faith sharing and good behavior to have name tents ready to place on their seats as they arrive (I will assign seating striving for boy-girl, boy-girl, as much as possible) so that […]