Braving the Thin Places: A Webinar with Julianne Stanz (author pictured)

Braving the Thin Places: A Webinar with Julianne Stanz

With the start of a new year, many of us make resolutions related to losing weight and getting thin. Well, I can’t help you in that department, but I can help you start off the year by experiencing thin places! In her new book, Braving the Thin Places: Celtic Wisdom to Create a Space for Grace, the amazingly talented Julianne Stanz shares her profoundly personal insights and draws on her Irish-Celtic heritage to help us […]

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Spiritual Growth

Classroom Spiritual Breaks

We can all practice self-care during these days marked by social distancing, remote learning, and disruptions to our cherished routines. Here are a few spiritual practices that catechists can incorporate into sessions to help nurture the spiritual and physical well-being of young people. Calls to Mind God’s Presence in Our Lives Invite young people to sit up tall, with both feet on the floor. They may close their eyes if they want. Tell them to […]

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Intermediate Grades

Solomon’s Temple: Where Do We Experience the Presence of God?

Here’s my lesson plan for Monday evening (Dec. 17) Session 12: Solomon’s Temple BIG IDEA:  God’s presence is found, not in a building, but in the People of God and in the Eucharist. Preliminaries (20 mins) Advent Procession – O Come, O Come, Emmanuel Tribute to those who died in the CT massacre – ring chime 26 times…one for each victim Video: We Can Build a Beautiful City Engage (10 mins) Play “Where’s Waldo?” game. Explain […]