I’ll Be on Relevant Radio This Thursday Morning

This Thursday morning, May 6, at 7:30 am (CST), I will be on Sean Herriott’s Morning Air program on Relevant Radio. We’ll be talking about “Why I like being a Catholic catechist.” I look forward to this chance to talk on live radio about the faith we hold, cherish and transmit. Tune in if you can!

Relevant Radio Interview – A Well-Built Faith

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of doing a phone interview with Sean Herriott for his Morning Air program on Relevant Radio. The topic was my book, A Well-Built Faith. Thanks to Sean for this great opportunity. If you’d like to give a listen, here’s the link. I’m on for the first 23 minutes of Hour 2. http://www.relevantradio.com/Page.aspx?pid=1274&cid=17&ceid=2868&cerid=0&cdt=4%2f15%2f2009 (link no longer available)