Dr. King: An Opportunity for Catechesis

The effective catechist knows how to use just about any event as an opportunity for catechesis. Some Catholics feel that because Dr. King was not Catholic, it’s not proper to hold him up as a role model and to reflect on his life, his words, and his accomplishments. Nonsense. God works through all people and God’s grace worked through and continues to work through the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Resources […]

Highlights (Thankfully, Very Few Lowlights!)

Last night was our second Confirmation intensive (a 2-hour session made up of five 10-minute mini-sessions sandwiched in between an opening and closing session in their “homerooms.”) Thank God, things went pretty well once again. Here are the highlights: half of the kids forgot it was an intensive. When I clarified that they were staying till 9 o’clock, a half-dozen cell phones were promptly whipped out to call home to re-arrange pick-up times! the kids […]

Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk

We’re looking ahead to our next Confirmation intensive on January 5, after the Christmas break. The theme of this one is: Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk. As Confirmed Catholics, our young people will need to be able to talk about their faith. Of course, the Nicene Creed is the “alphabet” – the building blocks – of our language of faith. It is the first place to go to search for words to respond […]

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