Solomon’s Temple: Where Do We Experience the Presence of God?

Here’s my lesson plan for Monday evening (Dec. 17) Session 12: Solomon’s Temple BIG IDEA:  God’s presence is found, not in a building, but in the People of God and in the Eucharist. Preliminaries (20 mins) Advent Procession – O Come, O Come, Emmanuel Tribute to those who died in the CT massacre – ring chime 26 times…one for each victim Video: We Can Build a Beautiful City Engage (10 mins) Play “Where’s Waldo?” game. Explain […]

Preparing to Learn About Solomon’s Temple

Tonight, we will be taking our sixth graders to the church for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We begin with a prayer service that includes Scripture and an examination of conscience and then the children are invited to private confession (face to face) with one of the priests (usually four or five are on hand). When all are done, we have a closing prayer and song. I don’t anticipate having any more than 10 or 15 […]