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Spiritual Growth

When the Well Goes Dry: Spiritual Direction for Catechists

Fellow catechists, it’s time to face the truth about the biggest, secret challenge we all face: the lack of time, effort, and discipline we put into our own spiritual lives. We’ve spent the day (and night) extolling the virtues of regular prayer, reading Scripture, and contemplative practice to others—only to find ourselves too drained and spiritually dry even to lift up a half-hearted “Hail Mary” before our heads hit the pillow. As a spiritual director […]

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Spiritual Direction for Catechists – Online!

A friend of mine who is a spiritual director is now offering spiritual direction online via Skype, Ichat, Google Talk or ooVoo. Check it out! I’ve talked here before about the benefit of spiritual direction for catechists…this might be an opportunity for you to look into!

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Catechists and Spiritual Direction

At one time (and perhaps in the minds of many people still today), spiritual direction was considered something reserved for the “spiritual elite” – priests and religious. Today, more and more lay people are discovering the value of spiritual direction. I’ve been seeing a spiritual director for about 5 years now and find it extremely enriching. At a recent presentation I was giving, I asked catechists what they are doing for their own ongoing spiritual […]