Catechists in Action – Chris Brett Talks About Spiritual Nourishment

In this segment of Catechists in Action, 8th grade catechist Chris Brett talks to his recently confirmed class about spiritual nourishment. Watch for the following: Chris talks about how we need, not only physical food, but also spiritual food Chris asks what we mean by spiritual nourishment The kids offer various good answers about what spiritual nourishment is Chris talks about Scripture as God’s food for us. a phone goes off! Chris doesn’t skip a beat! […]

Spiritual but not Religious – Love Jesus but Hate Religion

More and more today, we hear people saying that they are spiritual but not religious, meaning that they believe in God but choose not to encounter him within the context of the institutional church. One young man has chosen to post a video on YouTube in which he recites a poem about how he loves Jesus, but hates religion. I applaud him for taking the initiative to talk publicly about his faith. I couldn’t disagree more […]

Getting Spiritually Fit this New Year!

I commented a few days ago about the fact that many of us commit to getting physically fit in the New Year and, while there is certainly nothing wrong with that, perhaps it would be even more important to get spiritually fit! My new book, 7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness will help you to do just that. To be spiritual is to recognize that, in life, there is more than meets the eye. Spiritual wellness enables […]

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