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Intermediate Grades

Assessment Results…So Far, Not Too Bad

On Monday, I gave my 4th graders an end-of-the-year assessment. Unfortunately, I did not leave enough time for all of them to finish so I will allow some time this coming Monday for the rest of the group to complete the exam. I have no doubt that part of the reason that we had such a robust conversation about the 1o Commandments last Monday was because the kids knew that the more they talked, the […]

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Student Evaluation Form

Thanks to the folks who sent me some ideas about a student evaluation of the catechist. I’ve designed my own form which is based specifically on what we covered this year and on specific features of my sessions. Still, I’m sure that you can glean some ideas from this form to design one to fit your own needs. Your feedback and/or questions on the design and content of this form are welcome! Student Evaluation of […]