The Lure of Technology

I mentioned in my post the other day that I used my laptop and LCD projector to invite my 6th graders to come forward and arrange images in chronological order to tell the Exodus/Passover story and that they did this for the parents who were visiting for Open House. One of the parents attending had her 3rd grade son with her and he was transfixed by the images on the screen. As we were nearing […]

Catechists in Action – Marge Introduces the Theme for the Session

In this segment of Catechists in Action, Marge Garbacz introduces the theme for the evening’s RCIA session (Human Dignity), drawn from Practice Makes Catholic. Watch for the following: Marge nicely ties in the theme for the evening, human dignity, with the Gospel reading just reflected on (the Man Born Blind). Marge describes how I introduce the theme of human dignity in Practice Makes Catholic by talking about a song from the musical Chicago: Mr. Cellophane to emphasize […]

“People like that have poop for brains” – Pardon my “French”

Last evening’s class was a lot of fun and very productive. I told the kids that they were going to take a “final exam” and, of course, they all freaked out. I then proceeded to calm their fears and tell them that we were going to review first and that the test was just a way to see what “stuck” and what we might need to cover on our last class. I then did the […]

Using SKYPE in Catechesis

My friend Victor Valdez, a DRE in Mountain View, CA, sent me this link about an 8th grade language arts teacher in Iowa who invited his students to select a name from the CNN Heroes finalists so that he could arrange for them to speak with him or her using SKYPE. Eighth Graders Learn Big Lessons from CNN Heroes Assignment Victor astutely suggests that this would be a great idea for a religious education class in […]

Spiritual Direction for Catechists – Online!

A friend of mine who is a spiritual director is now offering spiritual direction online via Skype, Ichat, Google Talk or ooVoo. Check it out! I’ve talked here before about the benefit of spiritual direction for catechists…this might be an opportunity for you to look into!

I Need Your Input

For my next lesson, I plan to show my class some kid-friendly, Catholic Web sites where they can learn about the Catholic faith. I’m looking for Web sites that are appropriate for intermediate grade kids (grades 4-6), are interactive, and invite kids to learn about and practice the Catholic faith. I have a few in mind already, but I’d like to know what sites you know of and would recommend. I look forward to your […]

Take a Look at This Robust Conversation!

Thanks to a number of folks who have shared comments, thus creating a robust conversation, about the issue of technology in catechesis. Be sure to take a look at all of the excellent thoughts shared by a number of contributors and feel free to add your thoughts as well:

The Digital Technology Divide: What Does it Mean for Catechists?

There’s been an article buzzing around on Facebook that deals with the “digital technology divide” in education. The article presents the fact that, since this generation (digital “natives”) is the first to grow up completely surrounded by digital technology, they think and process information differently than us digital “immigrants” do. In particular, the article states that “Educators must relinquish the idea of being all-knowing and replace that concept with an attitude of being a facilitator, knowing that […]

Learning from Our Past

Tonight, we begin our unit on Church History. We kick off this unit by bringing all five eighth grade classes together for a PowerPoint presentation on Church history to give them a sweeping overview of major events in Church history over the past 2,000 years. Each of the five catechists “narrates” a period of Church history and the kids take notes on a fill-in-the-blank note-taking sheet we provide. It’s an engaging way to introduce a […]

Jesus, I Want to Get to Know You

Tonight, we will complete our unit on Jesus. I have completed the PowerPoint presentation that the young people began work on in class last week which covers the various aspects of Jesus’ life and ministry: the world of Jesus, the people of Jesus, the words and actions of Jesus, and the Death and Resurrection of Jesus. I’m happy to share the PDF of the presentation: Who is Jesus – complete presentation PDF As we view the PowerPoint, […]

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