Helping Catechists Show Videos in Class

In my last post, I addressed the issue of providing catechists with access to AV equipment on a low budget. Now, I’d like to offer a few thoughts about showing videos in the RE setting. I recently made available a number of YouTube videos that are appropriate for faith formation (YouTube Videos Correlated to Catechetical Themes). For many catechists, the issue remains about how to access these videos. Even if you have Internet access, I […]

YouTube Videos as Supplemental Resources for Jr Hi and HS Faith Formation

The General Directory for Catechesis states clearly that NO resource, no matter how well-tested or glitzy, “can dispense with the person of the catechist in every phase of the catechetical process.” (156) Some faith formation programs would have you believe that their resources, whether a textbook or a series of DVDs, will do all the work and that all a catechist needs to do is to facilitate the turning of pages in a book or […]

Using YouTube Videos to Lead Song

One of the techniques that I’ve used with young people to lead them in song, either in a catechetical setting or at a liturgy, is to project a YouTube video with the music and lyrics provided. This works especially well because young people are very visual and are more comfortable with this than with a hymnal or song sheet. Likewise, it is very effective when you don’t have a music minister present to lead song […]