Simple Tips for Leading a Simple Prayer

Simple Tips for Leading a Simple Prayer
While it is true that we can pray simply and spontaneously, at more formal gatherings, our prayer is to resemble how we pray at Mass. In other words, the prayer is meant to be liturgical, which means that it should have a basic structure. This means including parts for the assembly, including Scripture, and including elements of sign, symbol, and ritual.

Many of us have never been taught how to prepare and lead a simple liturgical prayer. With that in mind, I offer Simple Tips for Leading a Simple Prayer. The emphasis is on simple. For many occasions, the prayer is intended to be brief: 5 to 10 minutes as an opening prayer. We often do not have the time or need to do something more complex. Even so, we can do something liturgical. Simple Tips for Leading a Simple Prayer is a primer for learning how to lead others in liturgical prayer. An example prayer aide that leaders can share with fellow pray-ers, is included.

This handout is referenced in my book, A Church on the Move: 52 Ways to Get Mission and Mercy in Motion. A Church on the Move offers 52 practical and doable strategies for moving entire parishes forward at full speed by discovering creative and ingenious approaches to tap into the power of God’s extraordinary grace in ordinary ways.

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