My Top Ten Favorite Lessons: #10

August 5, 2016 Joe Paprocki 0

It’s been a fun trip down memory lane this summer as I’ve recounted and shared ten of my favorite lessons from my experiences of teaching fourth, sixth, and eighth grade religious education over the last […]

My Top Ten Favorite Lessons: #9

July 29, 2016 Joe Paprocki 0

Faith formation is not just about giving intellectual assent to a set of principles and doctrines. It is about placing trust in a relationship. Many of the sessions I have done with young people over […]

My Top Ten Favorite Lessons: #5

July 1, 2016 Joe Paprocki 2

One of the things that I enjoyed most about teaching sixth grade with a focus on the Old Testament, was using Old Testament themes to help the kids understand concepts of our Catholic faith. One particularly […]

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