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YouTube Videos as Supplemental Resources for Jr Hi and HS Faith Formation

June 11, 2014

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The General Directory for Catechesis states clearly that NO resource, no matter how well-tested or glitzy, “can dispense with the person of the catechist in every phase of the catechetical process.” (156) Some faith formation programs would have you believe that their resources, whether a textbook or a series of DVDs, will do all the […]

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Survey Results In: MERCY Trumps All!

April 30, 2014


Last evening, I surveyed my students (8 of 9 were present), asking them to indicate which activities we did this year were their most or least favorite. I compiled a list of 20 activities we did throughout the year and asked them to rate each one on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 […]

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Starting the 2nd Half of the Year by Reviewing the 1st Half

January 6, 2014


After 2 weeks off for the Christmas holidays, religious education sessions are scheduled to be back in session tomorrow evening. Of course, we’re keeping an eye on the weather here in Chicago. Schools are closed today with a foot of snow on the ground and temps at -10 degrees (for a high!). Tomorrow it’s supposed to […]

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Recommended Reading

December 20, 2013


As I was cleaning off my desk in preparation for the holidays, I came across an issue of Catechetical Leader Magazine that I had saved because it contained one of the best articles I’ve read all year. It’s by Matt Halbach, director of the St. Joseph Educational Center in Des Moines, Iowa, and it’s titled New Pope, New […]

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Simple Tips for Leading a Simple Prayer

October 18, 2013


Often, I find myself at a gathering of Catholics (usually catechists and/or catechetical leaders) in which someone has been asked to prepare and lead an opening prayer. All TOO often, however, the prayer experience proceeds in the following manner: The leader stands up and says something like, “OK, so, I thought I would share this nice […]

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Contemporary Versions of Traditional Hymns

September 19, 2013


When it comes to playing music in class, I am always torn between my desire for children to hear and learn hymns they will hear in church and songs that have more “pop” to them: a more contemporary sound. I like some Christian rock but I feel that if I rely only on that, the […]

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Preparing for October – Month of the Holy Rosary: A Free PowerPoint!

September 11, 2013


My friend and colleague, Carrie Freyer, and I cooked up a new idea for this year! We’re providing FREE POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS throughout the year that focus on the seasons and feasts of the Church’s liturgical calendar! Each month, you’ll be able to conveniently download a PowerPoint presentation on an upcoming season or feast of the Church year […]

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Adoration Cards

September 9, 2013


One of the components of religious education at St. Cajetan is the opportunity to take children to the church for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on the first Tuesday of every month. I wanted to come up with something to place in the hands of young people to guide/prompt them in their conversation with Jesus, […]

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Special Needs: Adaptive Kits for First Eucharist, Reconciliation, and Now CONFIRMATION!

August 29, 2013


Adaptive Confirmation Preparation Kit

One of the challenges we face in catechesis is reaching out to those with special needs to help them encounter Christ in a meaningful way. Loyola Press is proud to be contributing resources to this effort, namely, the Adaptive Kits for First Eucharist and Reconciliation. Now we have proudly added a kit for Confirmation! The Adaptive […]

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The Ignatian Key to Opening Doors of Faith – or – Going Contagious with Ignatius!

August 26, 2013


Catechetical Sunday 2013 Web Ad Banner Size 468x60

The theme for Catechetical Sunday (September 15, 2013) this year is…     It just so happens that St. Ignatius of Loyola holds the key to unlock and open the “Door of Faith!” St. Ignatius taught that the most effective way to persuade someone to your way of thinking is to “enter through their door but […]

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