Week 3 Continues AND a Little Something About The Prince of Egypt

Comments for Week 3 of our online retreat for catechists are less numerous but no less profound than previous weeks. Thanks and keep them coming. Don’t forget that folks are taking vacation time so we can expect “voices” to come and go over the course of this online retreat. Also, some topics are easier to write about than others. You’re welcome at any time to share your thoughts, ask questions of me or of one another, or talk to one another by leaving your comments. To do so for this week – week 3 – click here.

In the meantime, I have something for you. Over the years, I’ve heard many people talk about using The Prince of Egypt to help teach about Moses and the Exodus/Passover story. It’s a very engaging video but requires much clarification over discrepancies it has with Scripture (lots of poetic license taken!). To that end, I’ve put together a worksheet that can be used to engage students with both the film and the Bible accounts. Enjoy!



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7 Comments on Week 3 Continues AND a Little Something About The Prince of Egypt

  1. Sorry so late this week but many things happening that have slowed me down physically and mentally.

    I don’t know if you call these heirlooms but they have been with me many years. I do have my 1st Communion book that I treasure and pull out every once in awhile to look at. We have a family Bible that’s kept on a shelf in my office at home. I have a statute of St. Ann holding Mary as a young child given to me as a little girl since part of my name is after St. Anne and the other after her daughter. This is also by the Bible. Probably the most precious is my mother’s St. Joseph Missalete(sp). My mom has been gone 11 years July 6th. It is falling apart so I have covered it with clear contact paper. It has very thin pages with English on one side of the page and Latin on the other. Mass, prayers, novenas, devotions, indulgences, saints, etc. are all pre-Vatican. I use it in my Church History classes and also use it for Holy Hour on Holy Thursday. It brings back many childhood memories. I’m not sure who will receive it when I’m gone. I also have many old Holy cards received from the nuns as rewards.
    2. My parents entrusted the Gospel message whether they realized it or not. Their dedication to the Church as I was growing up was a wonderful example. The Notre Dame nuns and Franciscan priests had a profound effect on me. We lived next door to a Franciscan church and monastery. I’ve always wanted to teach in a Catholic school. As a PSR teacher, the pastor of where I teach asked me and I accepted.
    3.I feel I belong to the Church. It is my Rock. Even though members of my immediate family have stopped going to Church, I continue because it is where I find peace and strength.
    4.I wish my family had faith. They have seemed to have lost it due to happenings in our lives. I feel like St. Monica and pray that someday they will return to the Church. The joy is that they do not interfere with my faith or church going. Church: Frustrated by how things are done which at times doesn’t seem right or explainable. My eyes being opened that religious men and women are not as perfect and holy as I once thought. My joys is that I can go to Church and feel comfort. I have found strong friends in the Church.
    5. This would take waaay tooo long to answer. There is much.
    6.The challenges are not being able to answer all the questions as you can a Math problem. Much is on faith belief. I try my best to find the best possible explanation. I feel that being a Catechist is a vocation or mission. Looking at in this way, I’m doing what God created me to do.
    7. Learn more about the Church. Study its past and see how she grew over the centuries and learn from her triumphs and mistakes.
    8.Fr. Tim where I teach. He never shows defeat and is so prayerful. His example shows me how not to lose faith and to keep praying.
    9. I am joyful in my teaching.
    10.I show my students the areas that they can make a difference and how they can contribute to the Church now. They are NOT the future of the Church but THE Church now, today.

  2. The questions this week were thought provoking. I looked around my house and seen several heirlooms and couldn’t help but think when I die, my kids will probably back a dump truck up to the front door and wonder why I kept the things I did. They are not into “old things”, maybe by the time I die, they will be who knows. As for the Church, it has been my extended family for years. I have moved around and never seem to be close to any family, so the Church becomes my family. Right now, I belong to a very small parish where if you are not in Church, you better had let some one know why because you are missed and will get a phone call from someone. We are going through some difficult times right now and like in any family, feelings are hurt, misunderstandings, etc. I know we will make it through by the Grace of God and hopefully stronger as a whole family.
    After reading the comments, I know we will make as I have read where some of you I think have gone through similar experiences and as we as Catechist know, it is the children that we have to really show the example to.
    Thanks for listening and God Bless all of you.

  3. I have a prayer book that was my mom’s. I remember it sitting by her bed for most of my life. I think she was the greatest influence on my faith. She lead by example. She passed away in 2001 and while I’ll always miss her, I also feel her presence with me. I now have that prayer book in my bedroom. It’s funny how the memories come flooding back when I look at it.

  4. Joe, I couldn’t download your handsheets on Moses, the Exodus and the Prince of Egypt.
    Could you e-mail them directly to me as an attachment? Grateful!

    Your website is wonderful!

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