Take a Deep Breath in May

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The month of May might just be one of my favorite times of the catechetical year.

May provides an opportunity for DREs to take a deep breath, a momentary pause between the conclusion of the school year and the beginning of the summer. We delight in empty classrooms and suddenly open calendars. We return supplies to their places, clean out the clutter, and organize the paperwork. After all the Easter celebrations, May Crownings, First Communions, Confirmations, graduations, and end-of-year events, we find a moment of quiet, if we’re lucky. June and July will be here soon enough, with Vacation Bible School, summer training, and plans for next year. But in May we have a chance to stop what we’re doing. We deserve to give our spirits a rest and allow the Spirit to renew us.

Easier said than done? My inclination might be to try to get ahead while I can, busying myself with details of all the things I’ll do differently next year. Or maybe I’ll go on a cleaning spree, so everything is buttoned up for the year. Maybe I’ll pile my night table with all of those catechetical magazines I never had a chance to read and take notes for each season. I’ll make sure all the permanent records are up-to-date, and the files are in order. Yep, no doubt about it, there is still plenty to keep a DRE busy during May.

On the other hand, perhaps there is more important work to be done during the month of May. Jesus calls us to “come away to a quiet place,” and to rest a while with him. May is a good time to do that. It’s a time when we can rest in the gratitude from students, parents, catechists, pastors, and staff. It’s a time when we can make an excuse just to get outside and enjoy the glory of God’s creation. It’s a time to listen to God’s voice whisper gently, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

What do you plan to do with your time when the catechetical year ends? How will you allow God to renew your spirit during this transitional moment? Will you walk with Jesus to a quiet place for just a little while? Like a little child, let him lead you to a place of wonder and awe for all that God has done for you and with you this year.

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Kathy Olenik Henry has been involved in the faith formation of children and adults for 19 years. She holds a Masters in Religious Education from Loyola University, New Orleans, and has served as a catechist, DRE, youth minister, and retreat director. She lives in Ohio with her husband and five sons.

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  1. Thanks for this! I LOVE May!! Yes, there is a freedom that comes and a strong sense of gratitude for the goodness of teachers and kids and for the way that the Holy Spirit has moved throughout the year. I am sure that many of us feel some burnout every year — I know that I occasionally think “I can never do this again!” But Spring and Summer renew and give us strength and hope!

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