Book Club Bonus: The Prayer List Mini-Posters

The Prayer List - mini-posters with quotes from Jane Knuth book

Editor’s note: In our online book club, we’re reading Jane Knuth’s The Prayer List…and Other True Stories of How Families PrayEach Tuesday through August 7, 2018, we’ll bring you Book Club Bonus Days—sharing additional stories of family prayer, continuing the weekly conversation, and more. Find all the book club posts here.

“God can do anything. This is true. But God doesn’t do ‘just anything’; he’s too wise for that. I think it all depends on the relationship.”

“I am certain that prayer changes things. At least, it changed me.”

Download free mini-posters with these and other quotes from Jane Knuth’s The Prayer List…and Other True Stories of How Families Pray. These posters are inspiring additions to a refrigerator door or an office wall.

Mini-poster 1
Mini-poster 2
Mini-poster 3
Mini-poster 4
Mini-poster 5
Mini-poster 6

These mini-posters are offered to you as this week’s Book Club Bonus. We continue to read together Knuth’s The Prayer List. Find all the book club posts, including the schedule, here. Jump in to the conversation at any time—no matter how far along you are in reading the book!

Have you highlighted a quote in The Prayer List that resonated with you? Share it with us in the comments. #prayerlist


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