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Not too long ago, I shared a post here on Catechist’s Journey inviting folks to help me update the songs for an activity I call “Name That Sin, Virtue, or Gift”—an activity I created years ago when working with teens preparing for Confirmation. I received a number of helpful suggestions and then did some research of my own to find more contemporary songs and complete the chart.

Let me share the following disclaimer: the inclusion of an artist in this chart does not constitute an endorsement of that person as a role model! I know some catechists would prefer not to expose young people to some of these artists. And that’s fine. However, we would be naive to think that our young people are not already aware of these artists and listening to them. This exercise is designed to help young people navigate their world with a critical eye (and ear!) and recognize that the sins, virtues, and gifts we are teaching are recognizable all around them.

One more thought: this exercise is not an exact science in matching songs to the deadly sins, virtues, or gifts of the Holy Spirit. Learners may make an argument that a certain song better matches another sin, virtue, or gift. If that’s the case, let them make their argument, ask the rest of the group for their opinion, and then move on. The idea is to talk about the reality of the deadly sins, virtues, and gifts of the Spirit, so don’t get hung up on “correct anwers.”

Having said that, following is the 2023 version of “Name That Sin, Virtue, or Gift.” If you have more song suggestions, please share them below in the “Leave a Reply” box. And thanks to those who shared suggestions!

Deadly Sins Virtues Gifts of the Spirit
Pride: excessive focus on self

Nicki Minaj: “I’m the Best”

Faith: focus on God

Josh Groban: “You Raise Me Up”

Courage: the strength to focus on God in the face of challenges

Andra Day: “Rise Up”

Envy: resentment of others

Nick Jonas: “Jealous”

Charity: love of God and others

Bruno Mars: “Count on Me”

Right Judgment: seeking the advice of others, giving advice to others

Rhianna: “Umbrella”

Anger: uncontrolled hatred, acting without thinking

Taylor Swift: “Bad Blood”

Prudence: the ability to think before acting

Carrie Underwood: “Lessons Learned”

Knowledge: learning to think as God thinks

One Republic: “Truth to Power”

Avarice: excessive desire for wealth and abundance

Ariana Grande: “7 Rings”

Justice: a desire to make sure all can share in God’s abundance

Lady Gaga: “Born This Way”

Wonder and Awe: marveling at the abundance of God’s love

Childish Gambino: “Feels Like Summer”

Gluttony: excessive desire for food and drink

Ed Sheeran: “Bad Habits”

Temperance: balancing what you want with what you need

Eminem: “Not Afraid”

Wisdom: recognizing what God wants for us and others

Tame Impala: “Patience”

Lust: sexual desires that disrespect the dignity of others

24kGoldn: “Love or Lust”

Fortitude: the strength to resist excessive desires

John Legend: “One Woman Man”

Reverence: respect for God and others

Pharrell Williams: “Freedom”

Sloth: lack of hope in God’s goodness

Bruno Mars: “The Lazy Song”

Hope: confidence in God’s goodness

Common and John Legend: “Glory”

Understanding: recognizing God’s goodness

Harry Styles: “Treat People with Kindness”

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  1. Good resource, Joe. Thank you for compiling it. I will investigate and surely use some of these in teaching.

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