Making the Good News Great – for RCIA

I’ve been invited by my friends Nick Wagner and Diana Macalintal over at TeamRCIA to participate in a Webinar on Thursday, August 14, 2014, (2:00p to 3:00p Eastern / 11:00a to 12:00p Pacific) titled An RCIA Guide to Making the Good News Great! I’ll be drawing heavily from my book, Under the Influence of Jesus as we talk about how to communicate the Gospel so that it sounds like great news to those who need […]

Lovin’ Louisville!

I enjoyed a couple of wonderful days in the Archdiocese of Louisville, KY, with over 100 Catholic school teachers, catechists, and catechetical leaders. We spent Monday looking at catechesis that not only informs  but also transforms (Beyond the Catechist’s Toolbox) and our Catholic identity (Practice Make Catholic). Thanks to all for participating in this summer enrichment!

Last Stop on My Blog Tour: Joliet Joyce!

You’ve heard of “Joliet Jake” from the Blues Brothers, but have you heard of “Joliet Joyce?” 🙂 Joyce Donahue is the last stop on my blog tour for my book, Under the Influence of Jesus: The Transforming Experience of Encountering Christ. Joyce, a Catechetical Associate in the Diocese of Joliet Religious Education Office, writes a wonderful blog at Liturgy and Catechesis Shall Kiss. When it comes to the nuts and bolts of liturgy and catechesis, […]

My Blog Tour Heads to Downstate Illinois: Jonathan Sullivan

Ah, there’s nothing like traveling through the cornfields of Illinois on my way downstate! My blog tour today takes me to the state capitol of Springfield where Jonathan Sullivan serves as the Diocesan Director of Catechetical Services. Anyone know who the bishop is down there? 😉 I’ve spoken of Jonathan before on my blog and continue to admire him and see him as one of the brightest minds in catechetical ministry in our country today. […]

Blog Tour 3rd Stop: Marc Cardaronella

Today, the blog tour for my book, Under the Influence of Jesus: The Transforming Experience of Encountering Christ, visits catechist extraordinaire, Marc Cardaronella, who aptly describes himself as a “passionate Catholic; evangelical catechist; experimental evangelist; former naval aviator; revert; and wannabe changemaker!” Here is more of how Marc describes himself and his blog: I’m Marc. I work at a Catholic parish in Central Illinois, and I have a passion for evangelization. This is where parish […]

Blog Tour 2nd Stop: Ignitum Today!

I had to put up with some weather yesterday but other than than, my blog tour is going smoothly! Today, we arrive at Ignitum Today! and a review of my book Under the Influence of Jesus by Editor-in-Chief, J.R. Baldwin. Here is a bit more about J.R. Baldwin: J.R. Baldwin is the Editor-in-chief at Ignitum Today. A former statehouse reporter and nanny, she is one of the three Bright Maidens, and is a regular contributor […]

Blog Tour First Stop:

So I’ve hit the (cyber) road this week for my blog tour to spread the word about my latest book, Under the Influence of Jesus: The Transforming Experience of Encountering Christ. My first stop is Karen Beattie’s blog. Here’s how Karen describes herself: When I was a child, growing up in the middle of the Iowa prairie, my father read poetry to me before bedtime. He taught me a love for well-written words and literature, […]

Energize, Evangelize, Catechize: NCCL 2014 in St. Louis

I had a very enriching experience at the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership in St. Louis this past week, mainly because of the fantastic opportunities for networking with so many talented catechetical professionals! I had the privilege of delivering 2 workshops: one on my latest book, Under the Influence of Jesus, and one on my earlier book, 7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness. Thanks to all who attended my workshops and for the great interaction and […]

National Conference for Catechetical Leadership

This week, I am thrilled to once again have the opportunity to not only attend but also to present at the annual National Conference for Catechetical Leadership which is taking place in St. Louis, MO! I will be doing 2 presentations: Tuesday, May 20 (11:45 am – 1:00 pm) Thriving Under the Influence: The Intoxicating Experience of Encountering Christ Tuesday, May 20 (4:30 pm – 5:45 pm) Unleashing Your Imagination: Getting and Sustaining the Good […]

Evangelizing Catechesis in Oakland, CA

Thanks to the catechetical leaders and youth ministers who came out in Oakland, CA, to spend the day looking at how we can make our catechesis more evangelizing. We were blessed with a visit from Bishop Barber, S.J., who spoke eloquently about his desire for catechesis to be more evangelizing, for us to expect more from those we teach, and for us to give them an experience of the transcendent.

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