Snowed Out

Alas, we were snowed out in Naperville last evening! However, we are going to work hard to re-schedule so I still hope to meet the army of 300 catechists! I will miss my upcoming Monday night RE class because of a management seminar I need to attend. I’ve been very careful about keeping Monday nights “sacred” for my commitment as a catechist, but this is one that the company is sending me on. Luckily, my […]


The movie 300 tells the tale of the brave and elite Spartan army of 300 soldiers that went up against the Persian army of over a hundred thousand. Good movie. Tonight, I am gathering with another brave and elite army of 300…catechists, that is! Weather permitting, I will be in Naperville in the Joliet diocese, speaking about The Catechist’s Toolbox to 300 catechists from a number of parishes in that area. The DREs are treating […]

Follow-up: Leader Guide for The Catechist's Toolbox

The other day, I announced the publication of a Leader’s Guide for The Catechist’s Toolbox and indicated that it was free with a purchase of 25 copies of The Catechist’s Toolbox. I’m told by the folks in Customer Service and Sales at Loyola Press that, for those of you who made a previous bulk purchase of The Catechist’s Toolbox, you are welcome to call to request a free copy of the Leader’s Guide.

The Catechist’s Toolbox: A Leader’s Guide

I am proud to announce that Loyola Press has published A Leader’s Guide for The Catechist’s Toolbox! I wrote this guide to assist catechetical leaders in using The Catechist’s Toolbox with their catechists. The guide consists of 18 brief inservices – one for each chapter of The Catechist’s Toolbox. Each inservice is designed to be 30-45 minutes in length. The Catechist’s Toolbox has sold nearly 40,000 copies already and this Leader’s Guide will now assist […]

Rice Lake, Wisconsin

Greetings to all the good folks up in Rice Lake, Wisconsin! I was up there Tuesday and Wednesday for the Diocese of Superior Fall Conference, doing a couple of workshops on “Teaching to Generation Me.” Some of you may recall that a few months back, I did a series of posts on a book titled “Generation Me” by Jean Twenge, M.D. and offered some thoughts on how catechists can respond to the unique challenges this […]

My Speaking Engagements

I updated my list of speaking engagements (see the link to the right), but I thought I would just give a brief glimpse of my October itinerary: I will be doing the following presentations and workshops: OCTOBER 3 – Holy Trinity (Westmont), Liturgy and Catechesis (catechist formation) 6 – Ave Maria Press High School Religion Teacher Enrichment Day (Notre Dame, IN), Scripture 10 – Diocese of Superior, Wisconsin Fall Conference (Rice Lake, Wisconsin) – “Teaching to “Generation Me” […]

Field of Dreams

I had a wonderful time in Peosta, Iowa, with over a hundred catechists, talking about the skills and knowledge that we need to be effective in our ministry. Thanks to all for the warm hospitality! I had a chance to visit the Field of Dreams Movie Site in Dyersville! It was like a dream come true. This is one of my favorite movies of all time and it was so much fun to be there […]

The Catechist's Toolbox: Selling Like Hotcakes!

The sales people at Loyola Press tell me that the phones are ringing off the hook with requests for my new book, The Catechist’s Toolbox! Apparently, almost 20,000 copies have already been sold! I’m so excited! This is a testament to the catechetical ministry and to catechists everywhere who are showing that they are passionate about this ministry and hungry to grow in effectiveness as we proclaim God’s Word!

Feed the Catechists!

And I’m not just talking about food. Last night, I was with about 40 catechists from 2 different parishes and the interesting thing was that all but 2 of them were returning catechists! That rate of return is a testament to the care and support of their catechetical leaders who are both very professional and have outstanding vision for the catechetical ministry. They know how to “feed” their catechists. We catechists owe so much to […]


Take a look at the very nice review of The Catechist’s Toolbox by Dan Pierson who has a blog named eCatechist. Thanks, Dan, for giving my book such a nice plug! I look forward to visiting your blog! I hope that as people dig into The Catechist’s Toolbox, we can discuss a myriad of issues here on my blog. The book is a starting point for ongoing discussion of our ongoing ministry. Please share your insights, […]

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