The Spirituality of the Catechist: An Openness to the Church (Online Retreat Week 3)

Welcome once again to the Spirituality of the Catechist, our online retreat. Remember that you can join in at any time, starting with today’s post or going back to catch up on earlier weeks. In this Week Three, we look at the second characteristic of a catechist’s spirituality: An Openness to the Church. Whether you are a long-time catechist or starting for the first time this fall, your stories are inspiring as we share with […]

Don’t Chase God; Be Caught Instead

This reflection is part of the Spirituality of the Catechist Online Retreat. Craig, Janice, and their two young daughters could always be counted on to participate in parish family life programs. By all accounts Craig was the super-Catholic dad: a humble man of faith; a role model for other dads. After a particularly long afternoon of family-ministry activities, I noticed Craig sitting in a far corner of the church lawn. I wandered over, sat beside […]

The Spirituality of the Catechist: An Openness to God (Online Retreat Week 2)

Welcome back to the Spirituality of the Catechist, our online retreat. This week we’ll look at the first characteristic of our spirituality: An Openness to God. Thank you for posting your introductions last week as we began our retreat. Your stories were very inspiring, and they helped to form a sense of community among us retreatants. If you’re just joining us, you can read the overview and introductions here (Feel free to add your own!) […]

The Six Characteristics of the Spirituality of the Catechist

This reflection is part of the Spirituality of the Catechist Online Retreat. Read the overview post here. “Catechists must have a deep spirituality.” (Guide for Catechists 6) One of my favorite Disney movies is Big Hero 6. The story centers around a computer prodigy named Hiro who forms a team of superheroes to combat an evil villain. Along the way, these tiny superheroes realize that while each of them have their own special gifts, they […]

The Spirituality of the Catechist: Overview of Our Online Retreat and Introductions

Welcome to the Spirituality of the Catechist, an online retreat for catechists. This retreat is an opportunity for those of us involved in all aspects of faith formation to be renewed in spirit and to deepen our bonds with the Lord and with one another. There’s no need to register. There’s no fee. Retreat posts will all be here on Catechist’s Journey on Tuesdays and Thursdays this summer. Let’s start with an overview of the […]

The Spirituality of the Catechist: An Online Retreat for Catechists

This summer, take some time, from the comfort of your own home and at times convenient to you, for an online retreat here at Catechist’s Journey. We’ll spend the summer reflecting on the spirituality of the catechist, focusing on six characteristics as outlined in the Guide for Catechists (Section II, 6–10): An Openness to God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) An Openness to the Church An Openness to the World A Coherence and Authenticity of […]

Experiencing God with Our Senses Online Retreat

Quite often, for my train ride to and from home and Loyola Press, I bring along a book to read. Currently, I am reading and enjoying Ginny Kubitz Moyer’s Taste and See: Experiencing the Goodness of God with Our Five Senses. What I love about this book is that it captures the sensuality of the Catholic faith and especially Ignatian spirituality. Don’t be misled by that word sensuality, which we too often equate with sexuality. To be […]

A Year of Faith Online Retreat – Now in One Place!

This summer, many of you took advantage of an online retreat titled, “Preparing for a Year of Faith” that I offered here on my blog. Over the course of a month, we reflected on and shared insights about the 4 pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Now, you can access the entire retreat in one place! Just click on the Year of Faith banner below: In the future, this will be availabe under […]

Year of Faith Retreat – Week 4, Day 5: Cat Got Your Tongue? (The Lord’s Prayer)

WEEK FOUR: Prayer DAY 5:  Cat Got Your Tongue? (The Lord’s Prayer) Who is a famous person that you wish you could meet? Often, when the occasion arises and we have an opportunity to actually meet someone who is famous, we find ourselves at a loss for words. I remember when my brothers and I were kids, we had an opportunity to meet one of the Chicago Blackhawks’ hockey players. My brother Ron, nervous as anything, went up […]

Year of Faith Retreat – Week 4, Day 4: Family Heirlooms (Forms of Prayer, Part III)

WEEK FOUR: Prayer DAY 4: Family Heirlooms (Forms of Prayer, Part III) I’m one of those people who was born (1959) right before the Second Vatican Council so I remember (slightly) the Latin Mass and the beginnings of my religious formation with the Baltimore Catechism. Of course, the approach employed with the Baltimore Catechism included a fair amount of rote learning (memorization). Following the Second Vatican Council, the religious formation I received was very different in nature and […]

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