A Catechist’s Guide to the New Translation – from the Diocese of Lansing

Thanks to my colleague Denise, here’s a resource for catechists to use to implement the new translation of the Roman Missal. It’s from the Diocese of Lansing, MI, and it is quite thorough. http://www.dioceseoflansing.org/catechesis_k12/Roman_Missal_Children_Adolescents.pdf It basically constitutes a mini-curriculum on the Mass that would require 8 sessions. What I’m hearing from a lot of catechetical leaders, however, is that they are not planning on setting aside such large chunks of time from their regular curriculum (for […]

New Roman Missal Translation: What You Need to Know – Articles 8 & 9!

That’s right, it’s a two-fer! The next TWO installments of my Roman Missal articles are now available. Here’s the scoop: As you probably already know, I am co-authoring (with D. Todd Williamson, Director of the Office for Divine Worship, Archdiocese of Chicago) a series of ten articles for Loyola Press on the new Roman Missal. These articles will provide you with what you need to know to better understand the changes when we implement the […]

More Q & A!

I received SO MANY excellent questions from folks during the Roman Missal Webinars I hosted last week. Here is the 3rd installment! Roman Missal Webinar Q & A 3rd Installment

Clarification on a few Roman Missal Q & A’s

I invited a good friend of mine, D. Todd Williamson, to take a look at the Q & A from the Roman Missal Webinars, and to add any clarifications he thinks might be helpful. Todd, who is the Director of the Office for Divine Worship in Chicago is one of the most gifted liturgists I know because he is so catechetical as well! You may already know that Todd and I have been writing a […]

Roman Missal Changes – Updated Resource List

At the end of my Webinars on the Roman Missal changes, I offered a PDF of a Resource List I’ve compiled to help with the implementation of the texts. Since, then, I’ve received a couple of requests from a few publishers to include some of their resources on the list. I’m happy to do so. Here’s an updated resource list for you: Resources for Roman Missal Changes

Thanks to All Who Participated in My Roman Missal Webinars!

A great big THANK YOU to all the folks who participated in my Roman Missal Webinars these past 2 nights! I hope this was a good opportunity for you to get a start on understanding the changes in the words we use at Mass. Don’t forget the following: Here is the PDF I promised of resources for the Roman Missal Changes I’ll begin answering questions that you sent in here on my blog over the […]

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