Thanks to All Who Participated in My Roman Missal Webinars!

A great big THANK YOU to all the folks who participated in my Roman Missal Webinars these past 2 nights! I hope this was a good opportunity for you to get a start on understanding the changes in the words we use at Mass. Don’t forget the following:

  • Here is the PDF I promised of resources for the Roman Missal Changes
  • I’ll begin answering questions that you sent in here on my blog over the next couple of days
  • A recording of the Webinars will be available within a week or so here on my blog in case you couldn’t participate live or want to share it with someone else.
  • As always, send along any of your own thoughts and ideas about how we can best teach about the Roman Missal changes to various age groups, from children on up through adult.

Thanks again!

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  1. I tried to participate the second night. When I pre-registered I was asked my time zone. But it came time for the webimar (5pm California time) there was no webimar. Apparently I missed it?

    Is there a make-up session?


  2. Joe, I want to thank you for the outstanding presentation last night! I have heard two others & yours was by far the clearest! I truly appreciate these changes & am very enthusiastic about them. Each week I communicate with my students & parents via e-mail with weekly updates/newsletters. In the parent section, I am thinking of putting in items you pointed out & explained (one a week). I am lucky enough to have the children for two years (looping grades 2 & 3 – Sacrament classes). So I will have the time. If you have any other suggestions on ways to get the word across, please let me know. I only joined your blog last month, have read previous entries & have gained so much from you. Thank you & God Bless!

  3. As a quick run through for the people’s changes to the responses it was worth the hour. There is so much on the internet as to what is going on and how to apporach this transition. Thanks for your time and effort.

  4. You said thank you to us and I say no, thank you Joe for enlightening us. I have heard that there are changes coming but nothing about what the changes are. So, when you had the survey at the beginning, I answered, this is the first Ive heard about it. I realized later that was not the correct answer, I think. Maybe it should have been neutral. After the webinar, I was definitely excited about the changes and I want to thank you again for helping us through this period of change. I know that one human characteristic is resistance to change. God Bless, Jim

  5. Joe, thank you so much for the outstanding instruction highlighting some of the forthcoming Roman Missal changes. Besides now having a better understanding of some of the specific word changes and the intention behind them, I found it especially valuable to understand the background regarding changes to the Roman Missal and particularly appreciated your encouragement to try and understand the various attitudes and opinions fellow parishioners do, will and may have regarding the changes. I am a 2nd grade catechist and am also responsible for 2nd grade sacramental prep. This information was valuable for preparing the children and their parents for upcoming changes and I intend to read your great articles on the changes more thoroughly! Thanks again.

  6. Joe,
    I very much enjoyed your presentation on the Missal Changes Webinar. You clarified many concerns I had except for 1 (Actually you created a concern for me!)

    I understand there will be new music, melodies, chants for the prayers during mass. You gave the impression during the webinar that chanting will be required for the people responses, ie “And with your spirit.” Will the presiding priest still have the discretion to chant or say the prayers under the changes?

    Joe, I really can’t deal with chanting 7am in the morning, weekend or weekday. Help me here!

    • Hi Jeanine and thanks. Sorry if I misled you about the people’s response and chanting. No, it is not required. I was just offering an example of how new words will fit into familiar melodies when we do indeed chant them. Your 7 am Mass should be fine!

  7. Joe,in my humble opinion, for all ages to join jubilantly in the celebration of the mass, I think it would be best to have a screen placed beside the altar ( on top) where all the churchgoers can see the responses, and the songs to be sang during the celebration. Thanks a lot, for responding our comments.God bless your endeavours especially the changes in the mass, which for me is Heaven on earth.

    • Elisa, I’m sure that some churches will explore the possibility of a big screen instead of pew cards or missalettes. That could be a viable option.

    • that mega-church protestant experience ! I beleive every and I mean EVERY lLiturgical Publisher has pew cards that can be used just for that reason. And if the parish cant afford to buy, the USCCB has all the text available and one can make their own worship aiode with a little time, PUBLISHER and some paper.

      • Joe Ski, I wouldn’t be too quick to dismiss the video screen as an option. I have seen it used very tastefully in a small, very traditional (architectually) Catholic church. As long as it is the right size, is placed properly, and is used as an aid and not as a primary focus of attention, it can serve quite effectively.

  8. Dear Joe and all who helped prepare and present this very important info,
    I want to thank you all for such a well done, easy to understand but complete presentation of the new Roman Missal that we will all be using as brothers and sister in Christ, your presentation has answered many questions and has inspired me to help my Pastor in what will be a “major” task in implementing and preparing our parish. I look forward to your blog and any webinars that you do in the future!

    God’s Peace to all of you,


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