A Day in Dubuque – The Bible Blueprint

A great big shout out to all of the Catholic school teachers in Dubuque, IA, with whom I spent the day today, exploring The Bible Blueprint. We had a wonderful time together talking about how to integrate Scripture into the life of the Catholic school and make it more prominent in the formation experience of Catholic school children. Thanks to the good folks who made the day so much fun and so engaging and I […]

Doing a Parent-Child Bible Presentation

While at NCCL this week, I am doing a poster presentation about how to conduct a parent-child session on introducing Catholics to the Bible. The poster indicates that you can get a pdf of the outline for the session on my blog. That said, here ’tis! Joe P. NCCL Poster Presentation

New Edition of Catholic Youth Bible

From time to time, people ask me about Bibles to use with young people. Here’s a review of the new edition of the Catholic Youth Bible from Brigid Wolff, the Coordinator of the Chicago Catholic Scripture School. A new edition of The Catholic Youth Bible has been released and is now available for purchase for $26.95 in paperback. This edition uses the New American Bible (NAB) rather than the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) of […]

Nice Story About My South Carolina Presentation!

The Archdiocese of Charleston, South Carolina, ran a nice story in their paper about the Scripture presentation I did there last week! http://www.themiscellany.org/index.php/news/3094-reading-scripture-makes-our-prayer-lives-more-fruitful-says-paprocki

Wavin' Their Bibles in South Carolina!

Here’s a pic of about 100 happy catechists and DREs in Columbia, South Carolina, proudly waving their Bibles on Saturday! I enjoyed a wonderful day with them as we focused on the Catholic approach to Scripture…something that is much needed in the Bible Belt! Thanks to all the good folks who extended their always-warm Southern hospitality!

On Second Thought…

Last evening’s session went OK, however, as I look back over my attempt to walk the young people through the Bible in preparation for the unit on Jesus, I’m having second thoughts about my approach. Frankly, I think it was a bit beyond them to explore so many Scripture passages (as outlined in my handout)  in one swoop. As brief as most of those passages are and as easy as I thought it would be […]

A Walk Through the Bible

For last night’s class, I did my best  to walk the young people through the Bible. Unfortunately, as happens, we had some interruptions (a fire drill and a time out to have the kids sign a banner for the Year of the Priest) so in the end I only had about 40 minutes to teach…I got as far as getting the Jewish people out of Egypt and across the Red Sea and ran out of […]

The Story of the Bible in a Nutshell

I’ve decided that, since we’ll have no class next Monday (Columbus Day) and that when we return, we jump right into a unit on Jesus Christ, tonight will be a good night to do an overview of the Bible with my 8th graders, taking them through the story of salvation history that culminates with Jesus Christ. Click here for an outline of passages that tell the narrative of the story of salvation history in a chronological sequence […]

First Catechist Meeting of 09-10!

Last night, we had our opening catechist meeting for the 09-10 catechetical year! It was great to see my fellow 8th grade catechists as well as all of the other catechists and aides who gathered for the evening. There was a palpable sense of excitement and enthusiasm in the air. Here are a few highlights: Arlene, our DRE, demonstrated how we can all start our classes by enthroning the Bible. She invited 4 volunteers: one […]

The Bible Blueprint: A Catholic’s Guide to Understanding and Embracing God’s Word

I am pleased and excited to announce my newest book: THE BIBLE BLUEPRINT: A Catholic’s Guide to Understanding and Embracing God’s Word Here’s the promotional copy on it: In The Bible Blueprint, best-selling author Joe Paprocki cleverly uses a blueprint metaphor to help Catholics gain a solid understanding of the structure and organization of the Bible, and to help them build confidence in navigating its pages. Among other topics, Paprocki covers the different genres of […]

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