Catechists in Action – Dan Ward Leads His Class in Prayer

In this segment of Catechists in Action, we see 7th grade catechist Dan Ward leading his class in a brief opening prayer. Watch for the following: Me settling my camera down! 🙂 Dan gently inquiring with one of his students about a special prayer intention. What I’ve been referring to as Dan’s “coach approach” – he talks to the kids as though he’s preparing them to “get into the game.” Dan expounds a bit on […]

More on the “Coach Approach”

The other day, I posted on the parallels between coaching and serving as a catechist. That stirred up the following conversation between a DRE and one of her catechists who is indeed also a coach. Enjoy!   Hi Joe!  In response to your latest Catechist’s Journey email, I asked one of my catechists if he saw a connection between coaching and being a catechist.  Scott coaches basketball and then “cleans up” and comes to teach […]

The Catechist as COACH

  I’m always amazed at how many men I see coaching their kids’ soccer, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and even lacrosse teams! And yet, so few men feel called to serve as a catechist when, in my mind, it is another form of coaching. Perhaps too many men view being a catechist as a feminine/nurturing role that they are not comfortable with. Fortunately, a growing number of men are discovering how to serve as catechists in […]