Getting Ready for My First Session with Sixth Graders

Tonight’s the night! I begin teaching 6th graders (Old Testament)! I’ve put together a little video that shows you some of my catechist preparations not only for tonight but for the year…I hope you find it helpful.   In the video, I mention or show a number of resources. Here are links to all of them: My Session Outline – Session One 9/10/12 My Schedule for the Year PROCLAIMING THE WORD Bookmark in Word Prayer Intentions […]

A Different Kind of Webinar

Many of you are familiar with the many free webinars I’ve offered over the past few years for catechists and catechetical ministers in general. If so, you are also familiar with my friend and colleague Carrie Freyer who works behind the scenes on these webinars, answering your questions and seeing to the needs of participants. Well, Carrie is going to step out from the shadows and join me at the microphone as together we offer […]

Winners of Finding God Video Contest Announced!

Here’s a chance to see some of the creativity of young people as they put together videos to visualize the meaning of finding God in their everyday lives. Congratulations to the winners! The videos entered in this contest showed creativity as students and teachers worked together to visualize the meaning of finding God in their daily lives. The Winners of the 2012 Finding God Video Contest are the following: First Place Finding God at St. […]

Catechists in Action – Len Astrowski Shares His Planning Techniques

In this segment of Catechists in Action, 7th grade catechist Len Astrowski shares some details about how he prepares for his lessons. Watch for the following: Len explains that he has all of his lessons on computer and makes adjustments each year as needed Len shows the outline that he develops for class each week and emphasizes that it is not “cast in stone.” Len shows how he follows the 4 steps of the catechetical process […]

Video Contest!

Where do you find God? Loyola Press is asking students, teachers, and catechists to showcase the inspiring and sometimes-surprising ways they experience God’s presence in their everyday lives through the Finding God Video Contest, an original multimedia project. Schools and parishes who submit videos are eligible to win the following prizes: First prize: School- or parish-wide adoption of the new edition of Finding God: Our Response to God’s Gifts(grades 1–6) Second prize:$1,000 Loyola Press product […]

This is the Day the Lord Has Made!

Monday evening was my last class of the year with my 4th graders. I’m gonna miss these little guys…they were a very sweet class and we had a good experience together. We began with a closing Mass in church and, for the second year in a row, the organist chose to sing “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad” as the responsorial and for the 2nd year in […]

More About Monday’s Class

As I mentioned in my last post, I taught my first 4th grade RE class on Monday and really loved it. Here are some more details about the ups and downs of that first class: I arrived 45 mins early only to find out that the doors don’t open until 30 mins before class begins. I’m such a dork! 🙂 For the early session, the kids kind of straggle in over a 10 min. period […]

7 + 7 = 14

I enjoyed our catechist meeting last night, especially getting the chance to meet my aide and my fellow 4th-grade catechists. It was also nice to see the 8th grade catechists with whom I teamed these past several years. They needled me about leaving their team and we had a good laugh about it. My aide is a mom who has served in the program for a few years and I believe one of her children […]

Getting to Know the Age Level You Teach

One of my favorite cartoons shows a professorial-looking catechist or Sunday school teacher in a classroom full of pre-school children and saying to them, “I’m new to teaching your age group. How much do you know about systematic theology?” The truth is, if we’re not familiar with the developmental characteristics (emotional, psychological, spiritual, physical, mental) of the age group we teach, we can find ourselves facing some real challenges. Here are links to some very […]

A Mighty Wind!

This past Monday evening, Chicago lived up to its name as the “windy city” (although that name originated not as a description of the climate in Chicago but of the politics!) with wind gusts reaching 40-50 mph. A good night to be teaching about the Holy Spirit! Sure enough, just as I told the young people that we would be learning about the Holy Spirit, a huge gust of wind blew through an open window, […]

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