Catechists in Action – Nick Reviews His Lesson

We’ve arrived at the end of 5th grade catechist Nick Yonto’s session – the last episode of our “Nick Yonto Series!” For a special treat, Nick will be a guest blogger next week, sharing his thoughts on what it was like for him to watch himself in action and what he learned from it. In this segment, watch for how Nick… cleans up and puts the room back in order confers with his aide about […]

Catechists in Action – Nick Begins Class with Prayer

As we continue viewing 5th grade catechist Nick Yonto’s session, we now reach the point where class is formally beginning with prayer. Watch for the following: Nick’s aide arrives with the prayer cloth and they re-arrange the prayer table. The children gather around the prayer table for announcements and prayer (remember, I’m not showing children’s faces in order to protect their privacy) The prayer is led over the PA…the children’s responsorial response is printed on […]

Stories on the Journey, Week Four: “Oopsies! I Goofed”

Welcome to Week Four of Stories on the Journey! Thanks for all of the great stories you’ve shared so far! Betty from Arizona sums it up pretty well: Thanks for sharing these inspiring stories that keep me motivated to continue facilitating adult religious education at my parish! In case you missed the stories, here they are: Week One: How Did I Get Into This? Week Two: Kids Say/Do the Darndest Things  Week Three: Touching the […]