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A Mother’s Day Reflection: Worry and Prayer Aren’t the Same Thing

It is common for mothers to worry about their children. Yes, of course, dads do as well, but a mother has a very special relationship with her children, and worry is part and parcel of that reality. In her blog post, “Mother’s Anxiety: How Motherhood Breeds Anxiety,” psychology professor Amy Przeworski, PhD, captures this notion: I thought I knew what high anxiety was before I became a mother, but upon learning that I was pregnant, I realized that […]

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A Mother’s Gaze

One of the advantages of being a grandparent in the digital age is receiving a constant stream of pictures of our granddaughter Olivia (born 3/11/18) from our daughter-in-law Sarah. It seems that Sarah is capable of catching every mood on Olivia’s face, whether she is sleeping like an angel, screaming like a banshee, or everything in between. What impresses me most is that, in order to do this, Sarah needs to have her gaze constantly […]

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Catechetical Leaders

Making Mother’s Day Memories: Parish Suggestions

During Mother’s Day weekend there will be extra guests at our parishes: sons, daughters, and grandchildren all attending Mass with their mothers and grandmothers. There will be grandmothers, mothers with children of all ages, expectant mothers—whether for the first time or not—stepmothers, foster mothers, spiritual mothers, and substitute mothers. Mother’s Day presents us with an opportunity to connect the Scriptures, the Blessed Mother, and the dignity of all women. It is a time to celebrate […]

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Veronica: True Icon—A Tribute to My Mom

One of the great things about getting together as family is either being reminded of or noticing for the first time family resemblances. Oh, there are obvious facial resemblances. But there are also resemblances as far as personalities go. Some resemblances we inherit. Others we choose. Well, when it comes to my mom, Veronica, she no doubt inherited a physical resemblance to her mother Wanda. She had no choice in that matter. But when it came […]

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Mother’s Day – Trusting that God Knows Best

In honor of Mother’s Day, I share with you the following brief reflection from Amy Welborn’s A Catholic Woman’s Book of Days: There is no way I could have imagined, at the beginning of any of my pregnancies, who the child within me would turn out to be. Oh, I had my hopes and dreams, but in more than twenty years of watching the fruit of my womb grow, I have found, without exception, that […]