Leland Nagel – Born Into Eternal Life

It is with deep sadness that the catechetical community mourns the passing of Leland Nagel, the Executive Director of the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership. Just one week ago, hundreds of members of the catechetical community gathered with Lee in St. Louis for the NCCL Conference. This weekend, Lee was visiting his brother’s family and was with them when he entered into eternal life, passing away in his sleep Sunday night/Monday morning. Here is a […]

Energize, Evangelize, Catechize: NCCL 2014 in St. Louis

I had a very enriching experience at the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership in St. Louis this past week, mainly because of the fantastic opportunities for networking with so many talented catechetical professionals! I had the privilege of delivering 2 workshops: one on my latest book, Under the Influence of Jesus, and one on my earlier book, 7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness. Thanks to all who attended my workshops and for the great interaction and […]

NCCL 2012 in San Diego – Embrace Grace

I had a wonderful few days in San Diego at the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership (NCCL). I had the honor and privilege of doing a presentation drawing from my book 7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness and had a wonderful audience…thanks folks for being so receiving! There were many highlights along the way including: Leisa Anslinger emphasizing the importance of relationships in catechetical formation. Martha Fernandez-Sardina reminding us that “it’s the MESSAGE, stupid!” John Roberto […]

5th Anniversary Celebration – Guest Blogger #7: Jonathan Sullivan

Today, we feature the last in a series of guest bloggers as we celebrate the 5th anniversary of my blog The Catechist’s Journey. You may have heard me make mention of Jonathan Sullivan before and I’m delighted to see that he is indeed making an impact on the national scene as he will be one of the keynote speakers at the NCCL Conference in 2012! Jonathan currently serves as the director of catechetical ministries for […]