Five Gifts of Catholic Education—NCEA 2016

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the NCEA (National Catholic Educational Association) conference in San Diego, CA. I was particularly impressed with the keynote that was delivered by David Coleman, president and CEO of the College Board. Coleman, who is Jewish, offered what he sees as five gifts that Catholic educators bring to the educational enterprise. I believe that these five gifts are exhibited not only by teachers in Catholic schools, but also by […]

Parish Religious Education Week

This week is Parish Religious Education Week! Under the auspices of the Religious Education Department, the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) is inaugurating a Parish Religious Education Week to highlight the important role played by parish-based religious education and faith-formation programs across the country. According to Lori Dahlhoff, director of the Religious Education Department, Parish Religious Education Week will honor all those serving in parish religious education and help strengthen interconnections between Catholic parish and school […]