Poll Question: Service Projects

One of my favorite parts of the current Directory for Catechesis is its reference to what it calls, “catechesis in action,” referring to the inclusion of service and works of mercy in the faith formation curriculum. “It becomes ever clearer that here is no proclamation of the faith if this is not a sign of God’s mercy. The practice of mercy is already itself an authentic catechesis: it is catechesis in action.” (51) With that […]

Poll Question: How Often Do You Use Technology?

While the young people we teach are “digital natives” (They were born and raised on the “digital continent.”), many of us catechists can be considered “digital immigrants” (Technology is like a second language for us.). With that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to take a quick poll to see where catechists are when it comes to using technology in faith formation. More importantly, I look forward to reading your comments about your […]

Poll Question: Learning More About Catholic Teaching

It’s time for me to pick your brain again! From time to time, I like to post a poll question just to see what’s going on in the heads of catechists. This time around, I’d like to know what you are most interested in learning about when it comes to Catholic teaching. Please take a moment to answer the question below, and check back here for results. Thanks!

Poll Question: Trying New Things

Now that we are halfway through the catechetical year, it’s a good time to shake things up a little and try something new! It’s important to remember that today’s learners are accustomed to switching tasks frequently, so it never hurts to try some new methods that can break up monotony and lead to deeper engagement with learners. With that in mind, let’s see what kind of new activity you are most drawn to considering. Please […]

Poll Question: What Is the Biggest Challenge You Face as a Catechist?

We catechists find great joy in our ministry; however, we also face many challenges! For that reason, it is good to know that we are not alone in facing challenges. Many of our fellow catechists face similar situations and circumstances. Take a moment, if you will, to participate in the poll below, which invites you to identify the greatest challenge you face right now as a catechist. Feel free to elaborate in the “Leave a […]

Poll Question: Who Invited You to Be a Catechist?

Of course, all of us catechists were called by Jesus! However, Jesus most often uses others as his instruments and messengers. With that in mind, I’m curious to see just who Jesus is using these days to call others to serve as catechists. Below, please answer the poll question: Who invited you to be a catechist? Perhaps this will inspire you to invite someone else to serve as a catechist!

Poll Question: What Is Your Class Size?

Every so often, a catechist will tell me about the challenges and difficulties he or she is having with the class one is teaching for faith formation. One of the first questions I ask is, “What’s your class size?” Too often, the reply is 20 or more participants! That may not sound like a lot; however, it is important to remember that most catechists are not professionally trained teachers, and handling a group of that […]

How Would You Like That “Cooked”? A Poll Question About Catechist Formation

When you go to a restaurant and order an entrée, depending on what you’re getting, the server may ask, “How would you like that cooked?” It’s nice to have options so that the meal will be prepared in a way that suits your tastes. When it comes to catechist formation, we also have many options. Catechist formation can be “served up” in a variety of formats, depending on your preferences and learning style. With that […]

Poll: When Do You Celebrate Christmas with Your Faith Formation Group?

My wife taught for years at several different Catholic high schools, and she recalls how, in one school, the principal insisted that there be no Christmas decorations during Advent, while at another school, the principal wanted the school festooned with Christmas decorations so that visitors to open house could see them! As catechists, we want to celebrate Christmas with those in our faith formation groups; however, most often, we end up not seeing them for […]

Advent Anticipation: A Poll Question

Years ago, there was a series of popular television commercials for a brand of ketchup, which showed people eagerly waiting for the thick ketchup to pour out of the tilted bottle and onto a burger while the refrain of Carly Simon’s hit song “Anticipation” rang out. The message was that anything good is worth waiting for. Advent is a season of anticipation. However, it’s about much more than anticipating the arrival of Christmas Day. It is […]

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