Taking Your Spiritual Pulse

Do you find yourself with a crowded to-do list? When was the last time you took your spiritual pulse? As catechists, teachers, and catechetical leaders, we sometimes allow ourselves to get so busy serving others that we forget to pay attention to our own spiritual lives. Assess whether you need to add more pauses to your day with the “Taking Your Spiritual Pulse” quiz. This nine-question quiz is derived from The Power of Pause: Becoming […]

Terry Hershey on Sanctuary for Catechists

Terry Hershey explains that sanctuary is “a place that renews, replenishes, and nourishes.” Here, the inspirational speaker and author gives catechists simple steps to find sanctuary in their own lives. He addresses three questions: How does a catechist find sanctuary in the midst of a busy life? How can catechists help others in their community find sanctuary? How can a young person find sanctuary in the modern age? Hershey talks more in his new book […]