On the Road Again

With catechetical programs revving up all over the country, it’s my busy traveling time once again! This past weekend, I had the pleasure of spending Saturday with about 200 catechists in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, NM, and Sunday with about 200 catechists in the Diocese of Gary, IN. At both locations, we explored what it means to live (and teach) Under the Influence of Jesus. Thanks to all the wonderful folks who came out […]

Under the Influence of Jesus in Brownsville, TX!

Here’s a great big shout out to all the wonderful folks who attended the catechetical conference in the Diocese of Brownsville, TX, this past Saturday. The conference was organized by Mr. Luis Espinoza, the Director of the Office of Catechesis, who chose to use the title of my book, Under the Influence of Jesus, as the theme for the conference. I was honored to deliver the English keynote and two breakout sessions at the conference and […]

Lovin’ Louisville!

I enjoyed a couple of wonderful days in the Archdiocese of Louisville, KY, with over 100 Catholic school teachers, catechists, and catechetical leaders. We spent Monday looking at catechesis that not only informs  but also transforms (Beyond the Catechist’s Toolbox) and our Catholic identity (Practice Make Catholic). Thanks to all for participating in this summer enrichment!

Dallas Was Delightful!

Loyola Press and I are blessed to have a wonderful relationship with the Diocese of Dallas, TX, which has resulted in numerous opportunities for me to visit over the years. This past Saturday was one such opportunity, as I served as “retreat master” for about 100 catechists, reflecting on Mary as the Model for the New Evangelization. Thanks to Lourdes Mayer and Jeanne Jakubowski for inviting me to serve their catechists once again and to […]

7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness in Charlotte, NC

I had a wonderful time in Charlotte, NC, this weekend, speaking to over 100 catechists from a number of parishes on the topic of 7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness. My visits to Charlotte are always enjoyable since I get to see my cousin John Krasniewski and his wife Susan who is the DRE at St. Gabriel parish. Thanks to all the good folks who came out for a wonderful morning. Here I am relaxing afterwards […]

My Trip East – New York and Columbus

Last week Thursday, my wife and I went out to a Chinese restaurant before I was to leave for a long weekend. My fortune cookie accurately predicted that I would be packing my bag and heading east although not quite as far as to be considered the “far East!” I spent Saturday in the Archdiocese of New York Catechetical Forum and Sunday and Monday in Columbus for the OCEA (Ohio Catholic Education Association) Conference and […]

A “Cornhusker” Weekend!

I had a great weekend in the State of Nebraska, speaking at the Nebraskaland Festival of Faith. Thanks to our host, Don Kurre, the Director of the Catechetical Office for the Diocese of Grand Island, who has contributed so much to the catechetical ministry over many decades! I had the pleasure of meeting Bishop William Dendinger who, to his credit, was present for the entire 2-day conference…that is such an affirmation for catechists to have […]

“Is this heaven?” “No, it’s Iowa!”

It seems that most years, I resume my travel schedule (after the summer lull) with a beautiful 5 hour drive to Iowa! This year, my destination was Waterloo, IA, where I met with about 160 Catholic School Administrators and Parish Faith Formation Leaders as they kicked off their year. I also had the privilege of meeting the new Archbishop of Dubuque, the Most Reverend Michael O. Jackels, who celebrated a beautiful Mass for the whole […]

Meet Me in Las Vegas (NCCL, that is)!

If you’ve received the program for the NCCL (National Conference for Catechetical Leadership) conference in Las Vegas (April 18-22, 2010), please take note that there’s a learning session missing from the list: MINE! The same list that omits my learning sessions is also printed in the current issue of Catechetical Leadership magazine, so the folks at NCCL and I are taking steps to make sure that the word is out that I am indeed presenting […]

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