The Catechist’s Toolbox Webinar: Parts One and Two Recordings

We have provided a recording of the Webinars presented by Joe Paprocki for those who were unable to participate or would like to share it with others. The Webinars are broken into chapters by theme for easy viewing. The links below will lead you to another site called You Tube for best viewing results.

The recordings revolve around the theme of Getting Started as a Catechist.

Part 1 Recording

Joe covers topics such as:

• Your Role as a Catechist
• Lesson Planning and Preparation
• Choosing Learning Activities
• Preparing the Learning Environment

Part 2 Recording

Joe covers topics such as:

• Leading Reflective Prayer
• Discipline
• Polishing Your Technique
• 10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Become a More Effective Catechist

Click here to view the videos.

Or view them below…


  1. I attended the Practice Makes Catholic webinar. Will Loyola Press provide documentation of attendance for purposes of certification by the Diocese? Thank you.

    I have enjoyed, and profited from listening to several of your talks, and look forward to more in the future.

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